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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Werner wake up your dreaming

Councilman Terry Werner, seeking to be re-elected to the Lincoln City Council, was interviewed on a local radio station recently and poo pooed the fact that the city is losing almost a million dollars a year from lost Keno receipts due in large part to the smoking ban enacted in November.

Werner told the listening audience that Lincolnites need to give it a year and the money will be back.

Keep on dreaming Terry. If the citizens of Lincoln are wise next Tuesday you will be dreaming your way along the unemployment line. The fact is the smoking ban is hurting the city and a year is not going to help. Keno players and others have already taken their business elsewhere and more than likely keep it there.

Bring up how well it is working in California and other places all you want to, but it doesn't amount to a Big Red fumble here. In California and other places the smoking ban is statewide, let me say that again so that you will understand it STATEWIDE.

There are just too many towns within a five to fifteen minute drive of Lincoln for people not to go some place where their cigarettes and keno dollars are welcome. As long as the ban is not STATEWIDE the money is gone and will not be back Werner.

This is the same Terry Werner, along with Mayor Colleen Seng and a few others tried to dip into the citizens pockets with a special election last fall. This special ballot measure was designed to fleece Lincolnites of their hard earned dollars and fund Werner and Sengs pet projects.

When the citizens of the Capitol city turned out in record numbers for a special election and soundly defeated their grandios schemes, Mayor Seng and Councilman Werner accused the voters of ignorance and insensitive to the needs of the city.

Abe who writes on a Blog entitled Don't Let Me Stop You waxes eloquent about a recent survey issued to the candidates by the Neighborhood Alliance.

Supposedly the survey was non-partisan and the Alliance is not endorsing a specific candidate. They did however grade them according to the answers the gave. If that is not a back door endorsement I don't know what is; "The Alliance says Werner gets an A and if you love the Alliance ............

Actually the Alliance has made it easy for me as I can vote for up to three of the candidates. I know Ken Svaboda, I wrote a piece last year on Robin Eschilman, Mark Kollers radio ads and interviews have impressed me. I plan on taking this list to my polling place and pull the lever for the bottom three names.

See how simple politics can be.

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