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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You be the Jury

Lincoln Police Officers resently arrested a 15 year old boy as he crawled from the basement window of a 22 year old woman's house that lived nearby.

Of course the miscreant youths parents are buying into and defending his story;

A Lincoln teen told his parents he broke into a neighbor woman's house to talk with her, .....

The Police however have a different take on it;

.......but authorities allege he had other plans on his mind, according to court documents.

It seems that the Police have just a wee bit of evidence to support their allegations;

When police arrested the boy early Monday crawling out of a window of the woman's house, he carried a knife, duct tape, rope and a condom, according to court documents. He also wore a ski mask and gloves, and he was barefoot.

Police said evidence indicated the boy had planned to sexually assault the woman.

Mom and Dad explain;

..... he didn't wear shoes because he didn't want to make any noise ....

Of course they (the parents) have yet to explain the knife, duct tape, rope, condom, ski mask and gloves.

Well, was he or wasn't he going there to rape the woman????

The woman in this incident was very lucky due in large part to her improvisational skills and quick thinking she managed to avoid possible serious bodily harm.

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