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Monday, May 23, 2005

Journal Star shooting blanks ... again

Recently the Lincoln Journal Star ran an Editorial condemning the concealed carry legislation that is being sponsored by Senator Jeanne Combs.

The Editorial accurately staes that only the most stalwart of citizens will be eligable for a license, but goes on to say that even these elite residents of the Cornhusker State cannot or should not be trusted with the ability to defend themselves.

Since the debate began for this years legislative session the media elite has elevated Nebraska City police Chief William Muldoon to poster boy for defeat of LB 454. In testimony before the Judiciary Committee Chief Muldoon, speaking on behalf of "all Police Chiefs" in the state, made several assertions concerning firearms that did not have any relevance to concealed carry.

"So many people see this as the right to defend themselves and don't see the dangers of having more guns in people's houses," Nebraska City Police Chief William Muldoon told the Journal Star last week.

Muldoon claims that the Nebraska Police Chiefs concern is the increased number of firearms in the homes. Somebody really needs to tell the Chief that the firearms he is concerned about are for the most part already in the homes, people just want the recogized right to keep a firearm with them as they go about their daily business.

The Editorial Staff is closes with a statement that either illustrates a complete disregard or utter ignorance of the 46 other states that have some type of concealed carry law.

It's hard to imagine that someone bent on committing a street crime would be deterred by the thought that the possible victim is carrying a gun. There's little use for concealed weapons, beyond the comforting feeling it might give to those who decide to arm themselves. Combs' bill would create more problems than it solves.

Like all of the rest of the "Doom & Gloomers" the Journal Star alludes to problems that have never ever manifested themselves in any of the other states that have enacted concealed carry.

It would be nice if the Journal Star and any other CCW detracter could specifically state what is so different about Nebraskans that they will ingage in the "Shootouts over parking spaces", "Gun fights over fender benders" and incidences of road rage that have not manifested themselves in 46 other states.

In other words Nebraskans your representitives, your publice servants and your news media has no faith in your ability to conduct yourselves as mature adults. Their view is that you are incapable of being entrusted with the tools to protect yourself and your family.

Their supposition is that despite you being a very law abiding citizen, that is capable of passing a Federal background check, "If we let you have a firearm you will just go out and get in trouble with it".

Nebraskans, as demonstrated by the success of CCW legislation in over 40 other states, your Politians, Public Servants and Media Representitives do no trust you to make decisions for yourself.

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