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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Trolling Trolling Trolling !!!!!

In a recent post, Where were the guns?, I pointed out that of the 13,000 + people targeted Operation Falcon netted 10,000 + really bad people and that I found it quite interesting that they only recovered a few over 200 firearms.

When I wrote that I wasn't actually fishing for trolls, but it seems I hooked one anyway.

NOTE: Trolls are always in season and one should observe the Catch & release method (after slapping them around with the kind of factual information they never seem to posess). Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to release an intellectualy abused and battered troll back into their natural habitat.

In the body of the post I, and in his comments to the post Kevin who writes The Smallest Minority used the phrase "Million Commie Mommies". Our hapless troll who goes by the screen name Northeastern Liberal Elitist apparently did not cipher that Million Commie Mommies is a not so gentle euphamism for the Million Mom March as he begins he tristise with "your assertion that only Commies".

ASIDE: Not much of a James Bond double naught spy is he?? NELE you should probably turn in your secret decoder ring and invisable writing pen.

Additionally I don't think NELE has been reading my blog all that long or he would not have made the comment he did concerning "The Gunshow Loophole". I thought I had addressed that pretty decisively last September.

The rest of his rant goes downhill from there, in that he alludes to a lot of things but only once does NELE ever cite one single source of reference for his assertions and then it is a generic reference and not anything specific.

As you all know from reading my Blog I am not much for pictures, graphs & charts. I just write a post with a link or two that hopefully challenges the thought process and motivates further research by the reader. That is my intent anyway; Read what I write as a begining and even if you agree with me don't just take my word for it, research the subject yourselves.

NELE was desereving of so much more than I usually dedicate to a post. I mentioned this particular feller to Kevin in an e-mail and added that should he feel the need to express himself on the "merits or lack thereof" of NELE's comments, I would look forward to reading them.

Not one to disappoint, Kevin invites NELE to the woodshed, and once there he insures that NELE has the facts, figures, charts and graphs necessary to mend his silly anti-gun ways.

Kevin begins his post with the assertion that I was taking pity on him for his lack of trolls by offering to share one of mine.

Not true, but I know you do enjoy fisking one from time to time, and he did take a umberage with the both of us.

Kevin brings a very detailed and informative style to his blog and NELE not only took exception to what I wrote, he took exception to what Kevin wrote as a guest commenter. I only felt it fair that he have the opportunity to respond (re: vebally spank) to NELE in his own forum.

Great job, I always learn something when reading The Smallest Minority, and I hope that readers that use my Blogroll for their reading do so as well. Kevin was one of the first that I added when I finally figured out how to do one and I have yet to regret it.

And no NELE, I do not delte comments, and Kevin does speak for me when he wrote;

"Alternate views" are welcome, so long as they are informed and not ignorant. Or if they're ignorant, as long as the presenter is willing to be educated. And speaking for both Gunscribe and myself, we don't delete the comments of our opposition. We use them."

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