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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Senators Chambers are empty

The alerts from CCRKBA are always on point and informative. This one is no different and they bring it home to Nebraska by pointing out what extremes Ernie Chambers will go to in order to defeat a bill he doesn't like.

For Immediate Release: Contact: Alan Gottlieb or Joe Waldron (425) 454-4911

BELLEVUE, WA – In an obvious effort to filibuster and ridicule a concealed carry bill now before the Nebraska Legislature, State Sen. Ernie Chambers has introduced a bizarre amendment that would, among other things, punish violators by having their trigger fingers shot off by a fellow lawmaker. Nebraska is only one of four states that do not allow its citizens the means of self-defense.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) condemned the veteran Omaha lawmaker for injecting a serious debate with what amounts to "the ravings of someone who has overdosed on self-aggrandizement."

"It appears Ernie's chambers are empty," said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. "If this was intended as a joke, the senator needs a different hobby because he's no comedian."

Included in the amendment is a requirement for licensed citizens to "carry concealed the maximum number of pistols for personal protection due to paranoia and stark terror of the licensee toward the licensee's family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and possible enemy invaders."

Noting that Sen. Chambers has had help in the past to defeat pro-gun rights legislation in Nebraska, Gottlieb observed, "I cannot imagine any rational person standing in line to attach his or her name to this insulting screed. Anyone can appreciate good sarcasm, but suggesting that violators have their index fingers shot off by Sen. Jeanne Combs, the prime sponsor of the concealed carry bill, goes beyond the pale of good taste."

"Sen. Chambers has been around the Legislature a long, long, very long time," noted CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron. "His Omaha constituents, who first elected him in 1970, should be ashamed that he has wasted their time and other legislative resources, on their nickel, to craft this sophomoric amendment.

"Childish behavior should be reserved for children," Waldron observed. "Perhaps Sen. Chambers is lucky there is not a ‘zero tolerance' policy in Lincoln as there is on every public school campus in the country, because after this episode, he'd be expelled."

Note to Senator Chambers;

Insulting and demeaning drivel like this does not belong in the Senate Chambers it belongs in the Chamber Pot.

You and I have always gotten along with respect and civility, but this is beneath even you Senator and it is my considered opinion that you owe not only the Honorable Senator Combs a public apology, but all Nebraskans as well.

Withdraw the amandment and apologize Senator.

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