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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Lincoln Mayor Colleen Seng disses her constituency

A special election costing nearly 130,000 dollars and paid for with privately collected funds was held in Lincoln, Nebraska Tuesday.

Many people question why this single 75 million dollar bond issue deserved it's own day at the polls instead of being placed on the November 2nd General election ballot.

The truth is that voter turn out is typically low for special elections. This low turn out usually insures passage of the pet project in question.

Local Politicians favoring the 75 million issue, admitted they knew it would fail if it was placed November ballot and deliberately pursued the special election.

The Results
The Polls closed at Eight PM and election coverage was provided by Local AM radio station 1400 KLIN.

Jane Monnich's (Afternoon News Anchor) first reported, immediately after the top of the hour newsbreak, that with twelve percent of the precincts reporting there were slightly more than 5,000 votes for and in excess of 9,000 against.

During the course of the next hour and a half the numbers never really changed. The 62% AGAINST and only 38% FOR final results were called at 9:30PM.

Ultimately 25% of the eligable voters turned out to vote, a genuinely higher number than was expected.

What the mayor had to say about the people she was elected to represent
Immediately after the results were called, Jane Monnich telephone interviewed Lincoln Mayor Colleen Seng. During that interview I typed notes on a notepad file. Using those notes I called Jane at KLIN to verify that I had heard what I am about to report correctly.

Mayor Colleen Seng chastised the voters stating that her constituency made the wrong decision. She went on to say that the public did not take this seriously, and that anybody that owns property ought to be able to afford 5-6 dollars more a month in taxes.

Democrat Mayor Seng went on to say again that the citizens are not taking this seriously, didn't break it down and are being inconsiderate to future property owners in the city.

The Mayor doesn't get it
Mayor Seng, your the one that just doesn't get it. The 75 million dollars in question belongs to the people Mayor, and a two thirds majority of todays voters think they made the right choice, who are you to tell your boss that we are wrong? You work with what we give you, not what you can take from us.

We broke it down Mayor and it doesn't matter whether anyone can afford an extra five to six dollars a month or not. It is also not that the people think these projects this money was earmarked for are not necessary, the point is the people who hired you don't want it done the way you proposed.

This went down because either you, Mayor, or your supporters, did not even try to hide the fact that a special election was necessary because you knew it was the only chance you had to highjack more of our money.

The citizens of Lincoln took this bond issue very seriously, so seriously that a record number of voters turned out to tell you to keep your hands out of our pockets.

The people of Lincoln are not inconsiderate of future property owners as you say, Mayor Seng, the people of Lincoln are concerned about our tax dollars and how you intend to distribute and account for them.

UPDATE(10:00am)This Mornings Journal Star quotes Mayor Seng as saying that the people that elected her are delusional.
"I don't think we have any problem understanding the need," she added. "People have not wanted, obviously, to believe what has been told to them, and there's a distrust of some sort." (bold type face mine ... ed)

Three things Colleen, 1) no we don't believe you, 2)yes we distrust you and 3) we must be delusional, we elected you didn't we?

Note - The callers to Local Morning Show on KLIN have been more than 2 to 1 echoing these sentiments all morning.