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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey Rubin get your head out of your ass

Barry Rubin, executive director of the state Democratic Party plans on wasting a few thousand dollars of the tax payers dollars in a bid to soothe his temper tantrum.

Short Story

Kate Witek was a Republican. She is the State Auditor. Witek switched parties last week. Witek is now a Democrat. The primaries were months ago and the Dems did not field a candidate. Now that Witek is one of them, Rubin figures he can just get her name on the ballot and wahla he'll get her re-elected.

Things don't work that way. Rubin conveniently ignores the fact that the Nebraska State Constitution and Statutes have something to say about that. Secretary of State John Gale rightly disqualified the turn coat from being placed on the ballot as a Dem without following the established legal process.

Rubin went into a tissy and will file a lawsuit to over turn Gales decision.

Isn't that just like a a liberal fricken Democrat? To hell with the Constitution and State laws, we can't let little things like that get in our way, get me a damn Judge that will legislate from the bench.

Rubin must not be to sure he is going to succeed in his drain on the tax payers coffers as he has his minions busy gathering the 2000 signatures needed to get Witek on the ballot by the end of next week.

A lawsuit will be filed to try to overturn Gale’s decision and petitioners will begin collecting signatures to get Witek on the ballot, Rubin said.

What makes Rubin look even more like a whiney ass cry baby is the comments made by Witek herself when asked if she thought Gales decision what partisan;

When asked if she believed Gale’s decision was motivated by partisanship, Witek said, “I know John Gale and I don’t believe so. I certainly hope not.”

Even Witek doesn't believe the tripe her new fearly leader is pawning off on the public.

Decent hard working tax payers of Nebraska take note of how much of your money this is going to cost because Rubin got an erection and has to prove his manhood.


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