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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Is Hagel drinking the same Kool-aid as Johanns?

What a load of slop, and the Journal Star sends its reporters out like frsh baked biscuits to sop it up like it is a pan full of Gramma's good sawmill gravy.

I have been commenting on these pages for at least two years now on Chuckie Hagel and his fantasies.

When will it end?

(For the full effect read the following in your best imaginary John Kerry imitation)

"I spent Christmas was in Viet Nam, I got three purple hearts you know voted a straight Republican ticket."

Since then Chuckie thinks the party has lost its way.

News Flash Chuckie; The party has not lost its way. We Republicans most certainly did not follow your head when it went up your ass.

You lost your way Chuckie not us.

You Senator Chuck Hagel, in the mold of your buddies Bob & Johnny (The Kerry twins) and like your pal never met a plane he didn't crash John McCain from Arizona failed to pass the first test of Officer Candidate School.

Allow me to remind you Chuckie since it seems to have escaped your mind when you suffered that cranial/rectal inversion.


All together now LOY.....AL......TY.

Yea I guess it is pretty hard to say for someone that has not practiced it for years if ever.

Conspiring with the opposition

A few years ago when you were the State Chair for the Re-elect George Bush Campaign you never missed an in-state opportunity to bad mouth the President. You also had the audacity, during the Republican Convention, to co-host with Bob Kerrey a dinner for then Presidential hopeful John Kerry. Wasn't John McCain there too?

Let me say that in plain english so everyone can understand it;

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel during the 2004 Republican Convention in New York City joined Liberal Democrat Bob Kerrey in hosting a dinner party in New York City, for Massachusetts Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry.

That is called, to use a term that your friends John McCain & Kerry should be uniquely familiar with "Sleeping with the enemy".

The Fallout

Then a few weeks after the election you were on KLIN whining and crying because the President was giving you the cold shoulder.

Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaaa Chuckie you didn't think he would feel that knife in the ribs? You got and are still getting just exactly what you campaigned for. But wait you haven't even begun to reap the full reward for your actions.

Remember all of the Farmers across the state of Nebraska that parked their shit wagons next to the roads with DUMP KERREY signs on them?

You should it was one of the reasons that got you elected.

Guess what Chuckie

Those wagons will be back and the only thing different will be the name on the sign.


We hired you to do a job for us and thus far you are not doing it. Please be reminded than we can fire you as well.

Senator Hagel we the strong minded, God fearing Republican Christians of Nebraska DID NOT send you to Washington to be your own man. We sent you to the Nations Capitol to toe the party line. You told us you were the same kind of Republican we are and we believed you. We expected as a former Military man that you would be loyal to those that entrusted you with your office.

Senator Hagel not only have you not been loyal to the party you claim you belong to, you have not been loyal to the constituints that elected you.

Since you are a Republican, it is not incumbant upon us to call or write your office everytime a bill comes up for a vote or a position needs to be articulated or the President needs to be supported. It is expected on our part that you will follow the party platform on your part.

You have chosen to turn you back on the President and the people that elected you to represent us Senator Hagel. It is not your lot in life to tell us how things will be and how you are going to vote. It is your duty to vote the way we expect you to as a Republican.

Senator Hagel, you ran as a Republican, "We the People" elected you as a Republican. With that comes certain resposponsibilities on your part. Namely we expect you to act like a Republican.

  1. Support and defend the Constitution
  2. Support and defend the policies of a Republican Administration
  3. Support the Republican Party with your votes in the Senate.

You are entitled to your own opinions on the issues Senator, but that is and always will be secondary to to the "Will of the People" that elected you.

I suggest that if you wish to remain Senator you consider the foregoing. If it is not in your purvue to act like the Republican we elected you to be then take the lead of Kate Witek and change parties.

You certainly haven't represented the one you claim allegience to very well.


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