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Friday, August 18, 2006

Some Lincolnites are shocked that Firefighters need to eat

Until now I have refrained from comment of the on going "Firetruck crossmember conspiricy" that has polarized Lincoln. Well I am not going to comment on it now either. All that can be said until Chief Casady and the FBI complete their investigation has probably been said by Coby Mach, the Journal Star and local Blogs. This diatribe addresses the complete and utter stupidity of some people when it comes to the daily activities of our local frontline Firefighters.

At Seven every morning Lincoln Firefighters begin a 24 hour tour of duty. During that day long shift, they respond to calls, look after equipment, train and even get a little sleep.

I recently discovered that some Lincolnites are distressed to learn that during their 24 hour shift Firefighters also require nourishment.

You know EAT FOOD.

Almost everyone knows that each of the fire stations contains a kitchen for the Firefighters to prepare their meals while they are on their 24 hour rotation.

What some people don't seem to know is that the tax payers do not provide gourmet quality cuisine or a Chef Emeril to "kick it up a notch" it for them.

It has always been common knowledge to people with common sense that Firefighters are required to provide and prepare their own meals.

Yes Virginia, I know it comes as a shock to you but Firefighters have to buy their own food. Hold on to your seat Virginia I have to tell you that they have to actually cook it themselves too.

I know, I know, but take a few deep breaths there old girl and read on, I will make it so abundantly clear that even you will understand.

How they do it

  • Near the start of their shift they decide what they want for dinner that day.
  • They decide who is going to do the cooking and who is going to wash the dishes.
  • They all "kick in" a few dollars to cover the cost of the food.
  • At some point during the day, when time allows some of the Firefighters go to a supermarket in the area of their station and buy the food needed for the evening meal.

Yes they take a firetruck and yes the whole crew assigned to that truck goes to the store. It should be obvious to all but the most seriously mentally challenged that this is done for expediancy and safety.

If there is a call while they are out buying food they can respond immediately from that location without having to return to the station to pick up the rest of the crew or having some Firefighters "bum a ride" from another truck to get to the emergency.

Understand that the Fire Department is not a building it is the truck and the crew.

The Fire Station is just a structure that shelters the vehicles and crews when they are not on call. As long as that truck is fully manned and is located anywhere in the sector assigned to that truck that sector has fire protection.

Now for the really ignorant stoopid cold-hearted people part

It is not uncommon for the Fire Deparment Administration to receive calls from "concerned citizens" complaining about Firetrucks parked at grocery stores and on duty Firefighters engaged in the activity of buying food.

Yes you read that right, there are seriously mentally deficeint people in Lincoln that are fit to be tied that local Firefighters have the audacity to actually want to eat decent food while they are on their 24 hour tour of duty.

Firefighters work "24 on 24 off" for 14 days at a time What the hell do these "call & complainers" expect the Firefighters to do? Order Pizza every other damn night?

Although I have no doubt that it would bring glee to some high minded citizens if these lowly public servants were forced to starve for a day or so.

No wonder Lincoln is in the shape it is in, cranially challenged people like this can and do vote.


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