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Friday, June 23, 2006

Spewing misinformation that will get women killed

Anyone that believes what Mayor Gramma Seng and her minions spouted yesterday in support of a concealed carry ban in Lincoln needs to open both eyes. Amy Evans ranted on about how statistics bolster her claims.


As Reported in the Lincoln Journal Fishwrapper

I thought the whole idea of the Friendship Home was to empower women to survive on their own. The tripe that Amy Evans dished out to a hungry media yeasterday is just that TRIPE. Although I guess there are some that like the stomach lining of a cow.

My wife and I have in the past donated items such as clothing, household items and childrens car seats to the Friendship Home because we felt it was a worthy cause. No more Amy we now know what a disservice you are doing to your clients.

The answer, the misguided Seng supporters claim, is to dial 911 and wait for the police to save you.

For those of you that haven't got it yet 911 is Government sponsored dial a prayer.

Dialing 911 just tells the police where to find the body. YOURs!

Hey! Yo! People! Not even Police Chief Tom Casady will admit that his officers can get there in time to save you. I have know idea what the average response time of our local gendarmes really is, but I suspect that it is in the neighborhood of 10 minutes (plus or minus). And that hinges on how many other calls the PD is working at that moment in time. If calls are being stacked up the response time to your problem will be determined by how serious the 911 operator catagories it.

How much damage can a purpetrator do in the best part of 10 minutes?

Here is a special notice to all of those people out there that are under the dilusion that Protection orders saves lives. You are ignorant idiots.

Unless they are printed on Kevlar and worn by the victim they are not bullet proof.

What people like Gramma Seng and Ms. Evans will not admit is that even if you are able to get a call COMPLETED to 911 you are on your own for several critical minutes. What you do in that time will likely determine whether you live or die.



For an organization that is suppose to be building up the self confidence of her clients Ms. Evans is insisting that the women she is reaching out to cower, lay down and cheerfully submit to a vicious stabbing, rape, beating or shooting. Leave it to the police to handle they insist.

What the Police will do.

The Police, when they become aware of the problem will respond. A very large majority of the time the purpetrator will have long departed leaving your bent, broken, bleeding body behind. If you are able to tell them who, what, where, why, when and how they may immediately begin looking for your assailant. If you are incoherent (not unusual for a violent attack victim), unconcious or DEAD it will be sometime before the evidence tells them who committed the crime. In some cases it could be days or even weeks, if ever they even know who to look for.

In those few precious minutes after the 911 call you are on your own, what you do determines whether you live or die. After it is all over with the police will arrive and take a report on it leaving you to deal with the aftermath of physical pain and psycological trauma.

I have known women that have been raped, I have heard their stories. As a man I can only imagine (and probably not very well) what it is like to be violated in that manner and the insuing mental trauma that lasts for the rest the victims life. One thing they have all said is NEVER AGAIN! I will do what even it takes to prevent it from happening again, no women should have to suffer that once let alone twice.

If it is your choice not to defend yourself against a beating, home invasion, or violent rape by some AIDS infested scumbag then lay back and enjoy it. That is your right to make that choice. But you have NO RIGHT or place in this society to make that choice for my wife or daughter.

The truth of the matter is that what Gramma Seng and the likes of Amy Evans are proposing will get women robbed, raped, beaten and murdered.

If you have any doubts about what I am saying I suggest that you start reading Zendo Debs Blog TFS Magnum. Zendo Deb constantly publishes from across the nation about personal protection stories and the horrors of those that refuse to take responsibility for their own safety. Zendo Deb has been on my Blogroll for a very long time, for a reason. She doesn't put up with the panty waist BS, she calls it like she sees it and SHE IS RIGHT.

These are just a few of her more recent posts;

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Quote of the Day

If you don't like hearing what I'm saying because it is coming from a man go read what some other women think about the garbage The Mayor and Womens Rights Advocates are pumping up your hard drives. Go read her stuff. I mean really read it.

It is not Chief Casadys responsibility to protect you. I know that he and his hardworking officers will try their darndest, but they can't be everywhere at the same time and they will not be able to get there in time even if you are able to get a call through.

The only thing Gramma Sengs plan will do is get you killed.


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