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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tom Becka - or Why I don't listen to KFAB anymore

Recently the stuttering, blubbering, overgrown, all swelled up with himself, blowhard Tom Becka of KFAB fame (Omaha AM radio) attempted, feebley I might add, to take on Rightwing Maven and Political Pundant Ann Coulter. I did not hear the actual broadcast but the audio is posted on the net. Becka rather angerally at times stuttered, flustered and blubbered his way through 16 minutes of Coulters calm, cool collected conversation.

At times I almost felt sorry for Becka as he was obviously in over his head. Ann Coulter was esentially engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed adversary. It is my considered opinion that she handed his ass to him. ( A rather sizeable job if she had done it literlly)

Tom Becka and I go way back. I have never met him, nevr cared to and had only called his show one time. I remember when he was the morning man on KFAB back in the mid 90's. I listened to KFAB pretty regularly then. You know back when they had Becka, Dr (nude photos) Laura and Rush Limbaugh. That was the time Kent Pavelka was the voice of Big Red Football.

The Good ole' days, well 50% anyway. (Limbaugh & Pavelka)

Even then "Tommy Boy" Becka was an overgrown blow hard that couldn't make a point without hem-hawing and blubber-lipping his way through it.

In one instance he did a show on the then new Black Talon ammo. He was rude to everyone that called in to defend it and cut them off when they actually made sense. It was his show, his way or the highway.

Another instance had "Tommy Boy" hosting two homosexual men to talk about the book that they had co-authored. They (the gay authors) used the term "queer" and others that are deemed derogatory in reference to THEMSELVES. I can only guess that possibly "Tommy Boy" harbors latent tendancies because he threw an on air tantrum at the use of those words the authors applied to themselves and literally chased them (on air) from the studio.

The crowning achievement in Becka's existance is the week long hype that he had for himself because he was to be a guest on some Sunday morning talking head show. Becka spent the week building himself up like a stud groom bragging about what he would do to his blushing virgin bride after their vows.

To make a long story short when the talking head said "And now to Tom Becka in Omaha, Nebraska", Becka was totally speechless. Several seconds of embarrassingly dead air later the host took the mic back. Thus "Tommy Boy" was left looking like a pre-mature ejaculator on his wedding night.

After his stint on the morning show on KFAB I heard he was on some podunk station in the Kansas City area. Guess they must have gotten tired of his blubbering and rolled him back into the water. Too bad he was able to swim back up river instead of just floating farther down stream. But then what's his name from KFAB that used to do the "Beardsmore Baby" car commercials was already in St Louis.

To my mind he has always been a know nothing blowhard that is so swelled up with himself, that he can't even carry on a decent conversation.

The best way to make a difference, if one is so inclined is to publish a list of his shows sponsors. Let those that want to impart to them why they won't be purchasing their products.

Hat tip to the following fellow Nebraska Blogs for the heads up on this one;

Merri Musings

Vince Aut Morire (new Blogroll entry and husband of Merri Musings) With apologies for not rolling you sooner.

and the imcomprable PTG at the


In the comments section of the Feedlot a poster purporting to be Tom Becka made two postings. Whether this is the real "Tommy Boy" or not is a mystery not solved, but hey it could be.

Possibly he has never read this Blog and with any luck at all he won't after this anyway.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to listen to KFAB now that "Tommy Boy" is gone?

Anonymous said...

ding dong!! He's GONE !! yay !!

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