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Friday, June 23, 2006

Un-Patriotism on display on Lincolns East side

There is much wailing and knashing of the teeth from a certain segment of Lincolns population as to where the 4th of July firewroks display should be.

Fireworks over Fireworks (be sure to read the comments)

For years it was held at Holmes Lake Park. Renovations at Holmes Lake caused it to be moved to Oak Lake Park. This was originally to be a temprary change. The city discovered for a myriad of reasons that the Celebration is better held at Oak Lake and it will continue to be held there.

The hue and cry from those on the east side is deafening. They want THEIR fireworks back. The fireworks belong to them and only them.

Greed and Pompous Arrogance

That is what I think of the people in that camp.

Nothing matters to them except that they can sit on their pompous asses in their own back yards so they don't have to drink and drive.

Arrogant becuse they think the Celebration BELONGS to them and only them.

Greed! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!!!!!

If I can't have it in my backyard I'm not going. If it isn't in my backyard it is nothing but a worthless event.

At least one person went so far as to write if it is not moved back to Holmes lake they will look for an out of town Celebration to attend.

Well here's what I have to say to that;


In not one single post have I read anyone write anything about the true meaning of the day.

But then that is what the 4th of July has become;

Just another excuse for a bunch of greedy arrogant pompous asses to sit around grill food and get drunk.

The fireworks display is put on by the people of the city for the people of the entire city. It should not matter where it is held. It seems that those of you that live on the east side have forgotten that.

"To hell with what our fore fathers sacrificed and created for us, just GIMME GIMME GIMME my damn fireworks back."

In truth you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. But then maybe your public school education did not instill something called Patriotism or a knowledge of history.

So you have to put in a little effort to show your patriotism on Independance Day get drunk. So freaking what, awwwwwwww poor whiney cry babies. It isn't no where near the effort that this countries founders had to put forth in giving you EVERYTHING you have today.

So stay home, go out of town or do what ever it is you feel you have to do for an excuse to get drunk, party and make fools of your innebrated selves in front of your kids.

I don't want you at the Celebration anyway. The Holiday is a recognition of the founding and history of this great nation. It is a day to be thankfull for those that came before us and the sacrifices they made so that we can have the life we do today.

It is not a day to sit around the backyard grill feeling all smug and arrogant about how YOU DESERVE to have the city celebration in YOUR backyard.

No stay home PLEASE. Those of us that recognize the day and Celebration for what is do not want the likes of you greedy pompous asses dragging it down.


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