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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What an idiotic poll

1400 AM KLIN curently has a poll up on their web page that asks an intellegent question.


Which of the following would you do to help the city balance its budget?

The problem is you can only select one answer from the following;

Cut funds to sidewalk repair

Eliminate Women's Commission

End smoking ban, but raise taxes on businesses that allow smoking

Return ambulance service to private sector

Spread wheel tax to county residents

Since I can only select one it has to be "Return ambulance service

to the private sector".

Who is the idiot that thought up "End smoking ban, but raise taxes on businesses that allow smoking?

I don't smoke, but I believe in freedom of choice and property RIGHTS.

Countless thousands of suposedly intellegent Lincolnites cut their fricken noses off their faces when they voted to ban smoking a few years ago and now they are making us pay for their ignorance and stupidity. LITERALLy

We are talking millions of dollars here.

The money the city is losing is going to the towns around Lincoln that are not as stupid as we are. Any one that has regularly driven through Emerald over the years can't help but notice the increased number of patrons Merles has been experiencing.

The towns of Denton, Hickman and Milford have all reported increases in revenue since the ban went into effect. When you add up all of their increases it pretty nearly matches the amount of money that Lincoln has lost. Of course our "Glorious Leaders" commencing with Gramma Seng on down don't, can't and won't admit that publically. It would be too much of an embarrassment for them if they did.

On the one hand I could care less if a business CHOOSES of their own violition to ban smoking in their establishment. The Owners of Steak USA have done so for years and I respect their decision as owners of that property.

If the ban had been statewide then Lincoln would not have lost the millions we are losing. There would be no other place to go. The problem is that people vote with their wallets and a very large portion of Lincolnites seem to be spending their green paper ballots in communities where they and their habits are welcome.

The people that ignorantly voted for the ban ignored the predictions and voted Lincoln into a multi-million dollar hole and now they want me to ante up more money to cover the cost of their self rightious stupidity.

I think not

Spread the wheel tax to the County Residnets?

This is another stupid idea thought up by who knows as an end all answer to the finacial money pit Gramma Seng and her minions have dug us into.

The idea behind it is that many people in the county work in Lincoln and partake of the infrstructure so they should pay a share.

Again another patently idiotic plan that diverts attention from the real issue, the imcopetence of people in Lincoln to think through something. It is far easier to do something because it feels good that to intellegently examine all sides of the issue and act accordingly.

Where in the hell do you think the County residents spend the money they make in Lincoln. Do they go to the Walmarts and fast food joints in Omaha? Colombus? Fremont? Denver?

Hey there's an idea, how many people pass through here every year from Denver, Chicago and some of the nations other large population centers? Why not enact a wheel tax on those people?

Maybe we can get the already overworked Police Deparment to set up toll booths at the city limits and have a sliding scale fee for anyone that has out of state/county license plates?

Chief you read this Blog, what say you, is this a doable idea?

And yes we need sidewalk improvement and a Womens Commission. Heck we need a Responsible Firearms Owners Commission, a Back Yard Bar-B-Que Commission and about a hundred other Commissions. Every cause needs its own commission.


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