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Monday, June 05, 2006

Get ready to rock your Glock

Tis the season already.

Last year I wrote about Nebraska's version of the Glock Shoots. I ended the article saying that Chris was already in the planning stages of this years Contests.

Rock your Glock wraps up

The first match of the year is this Saturday, May June 10th at the Izaack Walton League range just off of Highway 2 on the east side of Lincoln from 8:00am until 12 noon.

Fear not that you don't have Glock. Unlike the shoots sponsored by Glock any safe reliable centerfire firearm capable of holding 10 or more rounds is welcome.

Sigs, Browning HP's, S&W's bring them on out meet some new people that share your appreciation of firearms and have a good time.

The best part is that you don't have to stay for the whole event if Jr has a soccer game that afternoon or your kitchen pass has a 12 noon curfew.

Because competitors are competing against each others score sheets you don't have to hang around waiting to shoot more than one round. As soon as you shoot your round you can turn in your score sheet and beat feet to what ever else you have to do.

Participants will need the following to compete;

1. The proper attitude for safe responsible firearms handling

2. Proper eye and ear protection

3. 100 rounds of ammunition for you firearm

4. A firearm

Firearms, to be competitive, should preferably be of the semi-auto variety and be capable of holding at least 10 rounds. 1911's and revolvers are welcome as well, but it has to be noted that each stage is generally a 10 round timed event. If a firearm holds less than 10 rounds it will necessitate the shooter to reload during the stage thus effecting the posted time for that stage.

Also it is an advantage that the shooter have at least three (3) magazines for their chosen firearm. The match can be and is shot with one magazine by some of the competitors, but the shooter will have to reload a single magazine between each of the 10 stages fired.

Rock your Glock shoots are a fun way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning and still leave you most of the day to spend with the family.

Come on out and Rock what ever firearm you want to bring.


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