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Monday, November 27, 2006

This has been a strange weekend, really strange

I spent the weekend watching 6 or 7 Football games

Why is that strange?

To set the record straight I have not WATCHED a complete start to finish televised football ball game (Nebraska Bowl games excepted) since the 78-79 Super Bowl, (if I'm remembering the years right) when the Dallas Cowboys whumped the tar out of the Denver Broncos. In that time I have seen portions of games here and there, but I never had the urge to follow a team let alone watch a game.

Yes I was a Dallas Cowboy fan

About that time our little 5 person Sunday football click pretty much all received another overseas assignment different countries.

Bob was headed to Germany and got side tracked to Turkey, Tony went to Korea, I went to Alaska. It has been to long for me to remember where the rest ended up.

So much for the "whose turn is it to host the Dallas game this week rotation". It seemed that without some one to share the "thrill of victory and/or the agony of defeat' it just wasn't worth watching. By the way the wife and I watched that Dallas/Denver game alone after home roasting a few pounds of peanuts.

Go Big Red

Hell yes I root for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. We have only ever been to one game though (Neb. V. Ks. - kajillion to nothing Nebraska). I rarely watch them on TV unless its their bowl game. I do follow their season and hear portions of the games on the radio. No I do not even own any Husker apparel.

Who knows why I did it? (rhetorical)

Maybe it was because of all the instate rivalry games. Maybe it was just because I didn't feel like going hunting. Maybe I just wanted an excuse to stay in bed all weekend .... Yer damn right I did, got to get some time share use out of that big screen wall mount Mrs. Gun got for her Birthday too. (Yes she had to work this weekend) Maybe after a quarter century I was just jonesing for some football.

Notes on Nebraska v. Colorado

The most glaring thing that jumped out at me was how the two defenses differed. I was thinking at the time that Nebraska was playing pantywaist football. When the Cornhusker defense tackled a Buff they seemed to pull them down gently or they gave them a sissy type push out of bounds.

Conversely when a Buff took out a Nebraska player they hammered them. Watching the Huskers getting up after taking a Buff hit I could here the words of former President Clinton echoing in my head ... "Ah feel your pain".

Nebraska did open up on them late in the game and trounce them soundly.

Notre Dame v. USC

Was a good game to watch. There has been a lot of gnashing about who gets to face Ohio. Some say Michigan, but I think USC earned it.

NE Patriots v. "Da Bears"

For awhile I thought I was watching a tennis match.

Stereo typical example;

The Pats go 3 and out, Da Bears go two and fumble, the Pats go two and toss an interception, Da Bears go 3 and out, the Pats go 2 and fumble .. on and on back and forth.

The Patriots are my brothers favorite team so I am glad they pulled it out. That is about the only Pro game I paid any attention to but I find one thing interesting though;

Both teams seem to be playing the "pantywaist" type football I saw Nebraska playing.

Callahan was a Pro team coach and I can only speculate as to why it is probably a better way to play than the "hit them like a freight train" method. When you consistently hit somebody that hard you not only wear them down quickly, you wear yourself down just as fast. You also not only increase the likely hood of injury to the opposing player, but to yourself as well.

Keeping the troglodyte urge in check allows for more endurance down the stretch. And it was down the stretch that Nebraska opened up on Colorado.

Some final thoughts

I was in the Solich needed to go camp, I just did not like the way it was handled, especially the timing. I was also hoping that Bo Polini would get the job. Having said that I think that the Callahan decision was ultimately a good one. Very few college players get the chance to go Pro, but it would seem to me that with a winning record and 4 years of tutelage from a former Pro coach Nebraska Cornhuskers might have a leg up on a lot of other players when it comes to the draft.


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