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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jihad on the Infidel Whitetail

Sub Titled: Why I haven't been posting

In a recent post my buddy (real life) Vinnie who writes the Vince Aut Morire Blog issued a Fatwa for all members of the BWP (Brothers of the Woodland Pursuit) to don the holy raiments of the hunt, venture forth, and Jihad upon the infidel Whitetail and Mule deer.

Not being one to sit home and Blog when issued such a challenge I prepared to do battle with the wily Whitetail.

Full color high definition memories of past outings kaleidescope across the television of my mind as I carefully honed my cutlery and prepared my equipment in anticipation of a successful jihad. On the morning of 11-11 (Opening Day of Deer season) I rose early and adorned myself in the sacred garments of the hunt. (Real Tree Camo and Hunter Orange) I then laid hands on "Thor's Hammer" and went forth to do battle with the infidel Whitetail.

For over three days the battle of wits raged as the crafty Whitetail remaining unscathed.

On the 30 some degree morning of the fourth day the Moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars.

Snugged into the base of a large Cedar tree I was barely cognizant of the cold gusting Northwest wind as it buffeted the large lower branches that sheltered me. I was watching carefully when the unsuspecting but edgy and alert infidel Whitetail fatefully eased into the open of the small Glen I surveyed as my temporary domain.

Raising "Thor's Hammer" to my shoulder I settled the optical cross hairs behind the shoulder of my prey 80 yards distant. The deer paused as I recalled the axiom "Aim small, miss small". Pressuring the trigger I called down the thunder sending a Remington 3 inch copper solid 12 gauge slug on its way. Recovering from the recoil I watched as my quarry made a few short leaps into the hereafter.

(End of parody)


I am not what you would call a Trophy Hunter. I enjoy the table fare that venison provides and seek to do my part in bringing balance to the Whitetail deer population in Southeast Nebraska.

On most years unless I buy a Archery or Muzzle Loading tag I will be hunting with an antler less only license/s.

There has been a severe over population problem in Southeast Nebraska for many years. This has not only increased the number of deer/automobile confrontations it has threatened the health of the entire herd that must compete for a limited amount of food. The result is a population of under sized animals that are extremely suseptable to the vagaries of winter.

Vinnie the Great White Hunter

This not the first time brother Vinnie has called upon his fellow hunters to jihad upon legal game animals of the woodlands.

At the end of August, in response to a sad saga emanating from the UK Vinnie pledged to bagged no less than 29 rabbits this season. One for each year of age John Freeman had attained before succumbing to rabbit flu.

I figure this goal is a tad lofty, and as a BWP I pledged to do my part to help Vinnie realize his quest. At noon last Friday I bagged my first bunny of the year and hereby donate the tally of one to the 29.

Fret not there will be more.

I would also implore the effervescent Merri to peruse her extensive collection of Rachel Ray Cookbooks for bunny recipes.

Note; As I write this it seems that Vinnie himself has been less than successful in his own jihad on the infidel venison. Seems Merri's Pappa was successful though.... using Vinnie's blind.

Better luck this weekend Bro.


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