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Saturday, November 04, 2006

With a Straight face too

In the last post I mentioned KLIN 1400AM Jane Monnichs report on Mayor Sengs demand that her constituents we lowly peons bow down bend over and kiss her ring ass for asking Fire Chief Spadt to resign.

The Journal Star finally got around to reporting it;

When asked during a Thursday news conference whether she bore any responsibility for the situation, Seng said, “No. I think I should be thanked quite a bit because I fired the fire chief.”

Politicians that aren't all swelled up with themselves are as rare as hens teeth, but "Gramma Sengs" egotistical self importance takes the cake.How she can face her constituents with a straight face and tell us that she has only been aware of the situation since January takes a lot of brass and audacity. (Kind of ironic that "Honest Abe" is looking over her shoulder isn't it?)

The only thing missing is the Royal purple robe and crown. She is short a court jester though. (She asked one of them to resign)

Madam Mayor what part of;

Dennis Klein and Vince Mejer TOLD YOU before the trucks were ever built that there were and would be problems


So the Her Royal Highness is a football fan. Yes Mayor when all else fails drop back forty yards and punt.

When asked whether she stood by her decision to take Mejer off the case, Seng said people can always look back and do Monday morning quarterbacking.

Monday morning quarterbacking consists of evaluating a variety of what ifs after the facts Mayor. Mejer had a job to do. Mejer had a reputation of doing that job very well. You chose to ignore his advice and experience by taking him out of the loop. There is no what ifs here even the Police Chief gets it.

Although Chief Casady in wrapping up his departments investigation did not directly disparage the Mayor one of the statements he did make is rather telling;

Casady said earlier this week that it was his opinion that if city purchasing agent Vince Mejer hadn’t been taken out of the process during the bidding process, “I don’t think we’d be here.”

To my mind that statement by the Chief cuts right to the heart of this whole thing. In case anyone needs help in deciphering what the Chief said, the way it reads to me is;

This is entirely the Mayors fault. If she had let Vince Mejer do his job in the first place we would not be hundreds of thousands of tax dollars deeper in the hole.

“If I’d known everything I know now, I probably would’ve fired the chief (sooner),” she said.

Madam Mayor you did know about it sooner, you knew about it from day one. Instead of trusting the competent and capable people whose job it was to handle these things you deferred to a "Department Head" that could hand you the union votes needed to get re-elected.

But then this action is typical of a Liberal Democrat Politician;

Pass the blame, it is always someone else's fault. I guess you have no concept of the axiom "The Buck Stops here" do you Mayor?

I could go on and on but two post in row on the same subject is enough.

The bottom line is that the Mayor did know all along and chose to do nothing about it until it became a public embarrassment for her. Then she sacrificed scape goat Spadt on the alter of "it wasn't my fault don't blame me". Yea Spadt needed to go so it was no great loss there Mayor, but owe you our gratitude we do not.

You owe us an apology Mayor, an apology that we would be happy to accept in the form of a letter of resignation.

Note photo courtesy of the Journal Star


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