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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blasphemy??? I say not

I am slowly becoming aware of other Nebraska based Blogs. The latest is Titled Husker Mike's Blasphemy.

I do not hold much interest in the team sports. I have nothing against them, it is just not something I devote any time to.

Having said that I do root for the home team, Yea Go Big Red, simply because they are the home team. I have even been to one Husker's game in the 11 years we have lived in the area. It was some years back when after losing the week before the Huskers trounced one of the Kansas teams 40 something to nothing.

We went because I know a former Husker player (who shall remain nameless but whose younger brother still plays for a pro team) was going to be out of town that weekend and did not need the four season tickets that his family maintains. And yes I would go again.

In fact the closet thing to Husker red I have ever worn on game day is hunter orange, and then only when a game co-insides with one of the deer seasons.

I do plead guilty to watching the Big Red Machine play their bowl games though, I can get into that.

Anyway after reading some of Mike's blasphemy I find that we are very like minded in what we observe to be the current state of affairs at UNL. When I do pay attention to such things anyway.

I think that he has Pederson and the rest of the staff pegged to a "T" and respectfully add him to my Blogroll.

In other words just because I am from Nebraska it doesn't mean you'll see much UNL sports talk here. If you want Big Red info that is spot on read Mike's musings. I will be.

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