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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bow Season opened last week and I am still so not ready

Archery season opened on the 15th of September and it came and went with little fanfare at Casa de Gunscribe.

I have hardly shot my bow this year at all. Oh I have been out on a few occassions to try out a new doodad or two that I thought I just couldn't live without, but there has been no serious attempt to get in hunting form.

At the 20 yard range
It could be that I am just getting lazy in my older age or that the weather has had something to do with it. Seriously several people I know that are much more serious archers than I have not made any plans to go afield as yet either. With all of this warm weather the deer just don't seem to be moving around much ..yet.

I really like to keep things to a minimum and only seek to use those items that really work. For those that are interested I will note some of the changes I have made to the original setup.

First my bow is a 10 year old Bear Whitetail II. Yes I am familiar with all of the new and improved yuppie bows that are out there and I could have one if I wanted too, but my wife bought this one for my birthday back in 1995 and it still works absolutely fine thank you.

It still sports the original sights the bow came with, but over the years I have made a few changes or additions to the basic setup.

Not pretty but they work
I would guess that in the last 10 years I have had at least 8 different arrow rests mounted on this bow. None of them seemed to be just quite what I wanted. A few weeks ago I broke down and bought Carolina Archery Products lastest model of the Whisker Biscuit.

Whisker Biscuit
This rest is a shoot through type and it does what I want a rest to do; hold the arrow in place. I have been out to the range with it 3 times now and I think this will most likely be the last rest that this bow will ever have mounted on it.

Tru Fire Release aid
I shoot with the aid of a Tru-Fire release, an act that can cause untimely wear on a bow string. In that regard I recently installed an ultranok on the bow string. This allows the release to attach to it rather than wearing on the string.

I chose this one rather than the string type as I have seen the string type nok fail for other archers; eith it breaks or comes untied at a most unopportune moment.

Another concession I made, this year, to modern technology is switching to carbon arrows. And I am glad I did.

When you care to send the very best send Carbon Express
When I first started shooting a bow (pre-Kindergarten and my Mom still has pics to prove it) all that was available for shaft material was cedar. Many archers still use wood and if I were to take up the long bow or recurve again I would too.

I was about 14 years old when I made my first investment in a dozen fiberglass shaft arrows. They were superior to cedar in many ways but tended to shatter or split fairly easily whaen something hard was struck.

I don't remember when I switched to Aluminum shafts, but I am thinking it was around 1980 while I was in Alaska. I have always been extremely happy with aluminum even though I have bent more than my share.

In the few sessions I have had with the Heritage 350's from Carbon Express I have been suitably impressed with the increased speed and and penetration these shafts have over aluminum. I have not made any changes to the pound weight of my bow since switching from the metal arrows and I can visably see that they fly faster to and go deeper in the target.

20 yard target (if only the Block was edible)
Well there you have it, what the Gun shoots for Archery gear. Old, simple and accurate. ( I guess that describes me and my gear)

Old, Simple and Accurate

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