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Friday, September 23, 2005

Rock your Glock wraps up Saturday the 24th

Several years ago Chris Zeeb did not even own a firearm. After a couple of unpleasant events, Chris came to the conclusion that for the safety and security of his family owning a handgun, or several for that matter, might not be a bad idea.

Chris Zeeb
From that point Chris has been on a quest that included becoming a certified Glock armorer and has thus far cumulated in putting together the "Rock your Glock" that many of us have competed in this past summer.

I have not been able to attend all of the "Rock your Glock" shoots this summer, but I most certainly will be there tomorrow, between 0800 and 1130 hours for the grand finale. (warning- Sean Hannity quote dead ahead) Let not your hearts be troubled Chris and company are already in the planning stages for a series of "Rock your Glock" Matches next year.

Held at the Lincoln Izaak Walton League Shooting Range there are a few things that make these local matches unique. The first is that Chris sought Glock sponsorship from the very begining. Glock declined for a variety of reasons. The second thing that makes these shoots unique is that, since Glock is not a corporate participant Chris has opened the competition up to all makes of firearms. Addittionally you do not need to be a member of the "Ikes" to compete in the rock You Glock matches.

Your a Sig fan? Bring it out. You like your CZ? Bring it on. Your a Browning HP afficeinado? Your all welcome. The match is open to any brand of center-fire semi-automatic pistols.

In fact a shooter may enter more than one gun if they choose to. Entry fees are quite affordable; Cost is $10 for the first gun/entry and $7.50 for each gun/entry thereafter. Youth under 18 shoot for $5 per gun/entry.

Ideally you will need a Center-fire handgun capable of holding at least 10 rounds, 3 magazines and at least one hundred rounds of ammunition. The 3 magazine suggestion is only that a suggestion. Even though you fire each course 3 times, the exception being the steel plates which is shot four times, you have the opportunity to reload a magazine between each stage of fire.

Please do not forget your hearing and eye protection. Not only is it common sense it is required by match rules.

There are 3 different scenarios that are shot. "The M", the "5 to 25" and "The Plates". Shooters can shoot the scenarios in order that they wish.

The M
The M consists of 4 paper targets (2 at 7 yards, two at 15 yards) and three steel targets (11 yards). In the first stage the shooter engages all four paper targets with 2 shots each and engages ONE of the steel targets. For the second stage the shooter again engages the paper with two shots each and takes down a second steel target. The third stage is a repeat of 1 and two with the 3rd steel target engaged. (if a shooter need to recharge a magazine between stages they will be able to do so) The targets are then scored and after the shooters sheet is annotated he/she moves on to the next scenario.

The 5 to 25
The 5 to 25 consists of 5 paper targets set at 5 yard intervals from (as the name implies) 5 to 25 yards. The shooter loads one magazine and at the tone engages each target in any order the shooter chooses with 2 rounds each. The 2nd and 3rd stages mirrors the first. When the targets are scored and the shooters sheet is annotated he/she moves on to the next scenario.

The Plates
The Plates consist of 6 steel plates that are placed 33 feet from the firing line. At the signal the shooter engages the plates knocking them down with the fewest rounds in the quickest time possible. This scenario is fired four times and magazines can be recharged between stages if the shooter does not have four magazines. After the shooters sheet is annotated it is turned into to the officials.

Scores are tabulated after the match is over and the results are posted on the "Rock your Glock" web site as soon as possible.

This has been a fun successful event that hopefully will be even bigger and better next year. Much thanks needs to go not only to Chris for this but especially to all of the people that have volunteered to help him make this the event it is becoming. I apologize for not knowing all of their names but the volunteer list includes great people like Roger Terrell, Guy Griffith and both Chris and Guys sons.

The "Ikes" shooting range is located on 134th street just south of Highway 2 on the East side of Lincoln. (More detailed directions can be found on the Rock your Glock web site.

Thank you Chris and all of the volunteers that made this happen.


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