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Friday, September 23, 2005

SomeBody give Cindy a Tinfoil hat

I have stayed away from this simply because I think the lady is mentally deranged and Morally bankrupt. I wasn't going to give her even a minute slice of her fifteen minutes of fame, but now she really has not only gone over the edge she is in a flat spin free fall.

Ma'am Sheehan is now demanding that the U.S. Military be removed from New Orleans.

In a dispatch on leftist filmmaker Michael Moore's website, Sheehan said she was troubled by the "level of the military presence" in the Gulf Coast state.

"George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power," she said.

It seems that I remember reading that The President could not lawfully send troops into New Orleans, that in fact it was the duty of the Governor of that state and that the military precence is in fact the State National Guard doing duties that their organization was formed to do.

I sympathize with the loss of her son, but soon to be divorced for her dumbass crap Ms. Sheehan is in serious need of Mental help. She has shown herself to be such a crackpot that even Hitlary Senator Clinton refuses to meet with her.

The longer she persists in her assinine crusade the more marginalized she is becoming. There are even rumors that the main reason her son went into the Military in the first place was to escape the clutches of a domineering and over bearing Mother. (That would be Cindy Sheehan for those of you in Moonbatville.)

A son. A Husband. A family. It seems that this crackpot's goal in life is to systematically alienate everyone around her. Now she has gone nuclear, in that she is seeking the same from a very very large majority of the country.

I wish she would just hurry up and implode, I am getting tired of litening to her.

But since she is hooked up with the King of Docucrap (Michael MORON) I would expect a docu-lie to come out of all of this. Do you think that the Main Moron could get Susan Siranwrap (Sarandon) to portray Ms. Sheehan?????

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