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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Two Blogs in Two Days

In the previous post I waxed eloquent told you about Husker Mike's Blog and behold the comments section contains a response from another local Blog that I was unaware of.

After spending some time reading The Lincolnite I have decided that this Blog deserves a place on my Blogroll as well.

In the past I have not written about a lot of the local shenanigans that take place in the Capitol City only those that irritate me enough to pen thoughts on.

Enter Mr Wilson another local citizen that has his blog on the pulse of the community. It is a pleasure to note that Mr Wilson and I seem to be like minded on so many issues, especially the ones I have written about in the past.

If you really want the continuous low down on what is really happening in Lincoln, Nebraska make the Lincolnite a daily read.

P.S. As to your search for a Camera Mr Wilson I am so far happy with the Kodak that I recently acquired and commented on a few posts down the page.

Update: I didn't realize it at the time I wrote this that there are several others that are blogging under the Lincolnite banner. Be sure to check out the posts by Mr T's Den, 625 Elm street, d.m.b. sports report, and sports star as well. There is lot's of very goog local information from these guys.

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