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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The gun show sucked but I am cured

As noted in a previous post I had been suffering from Buyagunitchitis and there was an upcoming gunshow.

To be quite honest I did not think much of the show itsself but I did settle on a new in the box CVA synthetic stock Bobcat muzzle loader in 50 caliber for $54.00.

I got this primarily for the wife who has recently expressed a desire to shoot blackpowder. As soon as we can we will take it out to the range and wring it out.

Starting out we will be loading it with a patched round ball ahead of a 30 grain equivelant of Pyrodex. This is not a real potent load for hunting, but it is a good target load to start a new shooter at.

Shooting 30 grains reduces the noise and felt recoil allowing the novice to concentrate on the basics of a new sport. As her experience increases we will increase the amount of powder and eventually shoot the Powerbelt bullet for hunting.

The Powerbelt bullet has proved to be very accurate in both of my sons CVA Bobcats and a buddy of mine took a deer with one a few years ago. He was using an in-line 50 caliber from Cabela's and 150 grain blackpowder equivelant load of pyrodex.

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