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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Coleen Seng (Svoboda) in a three piece suit shows his true colors

Only one day after telling the local news media that the Omaha City Councils decision to repeal a concealed carry ban for permit holders gave him a change of heart on the issue, Republican Lincoln Councilman (at large) The Tinman Ken Svoboda sucked up with The Wicked Witch Mayor Coleen Seng Cowardly Lion Jonathan Cook and The Scarecrow Dan Marvin to introduce another unconstitutional city ordinance.

The Wizard of Oz City Attorney Dana Roper and his munchkins minions are hard at work crafting the illegal law that will be introduced at next Mondays Council meeting.

For the last two years I have numorous times documented and detailed why, according to the State Constitution and statutes, what the travellers on the Yellow brick road are doing is illegal. It has to be blatantly obvious at this point that a good number of this cities glorious leaders either have no knowledge what their oath of office means or they simply do not care that they are required to legislate according to the Constitution and the laws of this state.

My personal opinion is that it is a combination of both. Being on the City council has them all swelled up with themselves and they are too good to live by their oath or the laws of Nebraska. More than one may just not give a crap about prevailing law, they have their agenda and come hell, high water or illegal law they will get their way.

Sadly it is my considered opinion that Seng, Svoboda, Cook, Marvin, Roper, and Casady fall in that last catagory.

Read the Illegally proposed garbage for yourself