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Friday, July 21, 2006

Fahey is a Dumbass

Seems like Omaha's Mayor Bloomberg wannabe Fahey has some dellusional fantasy that he and he alone can create law and and ban guns from city property.

Hey Fahey those places belong to the people of Omaha, it is not your own little fifedom.

In the manner of a facist Dictator Fahey proclaims no firearms will be allowed on the peoples property.

From the Omaha Weird Harold (no link they require registration to read their tripe);

A day after the Omaha City Council passed an ordinance undoing the city's ban, Mayor Mike Fahey ordered that all city-owned property be gun-free.

That includes Rosenblatt Stadium, the Omaha Civic Auditorium, pools, golf courses, public works buildings, fire stations and any other city-owned property except for law-enforcement buildings.

The mayor's order takes effect "just as quickly as we can build signs and start putting them up," said Paul Landow, Fahey's chief of staff.

"We've already spoken to Bob Stubbe," the city's public works director. "We told him, per the mayor's instruction, to please start building some prototypes of signs," Landow said.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is the funniest thing I have heard all week Dumbass

Try to enforce it Dumbass.

Your panzy ass crybaby executive order has no weight or force of law behind it Fahey. You cannot create law with the stroke of a pen.

What is the crime? What State Statute applies here? Under what city ordinance will a person be charged?

Does Omaha have an ordinace that makes it a crime to make the Mayor cry?

I can see it now;

Bailif: Here ye Here ye Court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Roy Bean Burrito presiding;

Prosecutor: Your Honor the defendant is charged with pissing the Mayor off.

Judge: Could you cite the specific statute under which you have brought this person before me?

Prosecutor: Well your Honor there is no specific statute that we can charge the defendant with but the Mayor did poop in his pants when he heard that the defendant in preventing her rape was carrying a firearm in a city park. An action that is clearly contrary to the Mayor temper tantrum on concealed carry. He wrote an executive order forbidding that Judge.

So you made a proclomation Fahey, so flipping what. Tell you what Mayor why don't you make a few million copies of your order, printed at tax payers expense and we will see to it that they all get put to good use.

We'll wipe our asses with them, that is all they will be good for.

If I had the Omaha open carry permit I would take a special trip to the River City just to see if I can get the Mayor to piss in his pants by open carrying a sidearm in one of "his" city parks.

It won't be the first time this month I have pissed a Mayor off by wearing a gun.

As I said Fahey is a dumbass and anybody that thinks his dictitorial temper hissy is legally binding on anyone is an even bigger dumbass.

Hat tip to Vinnie @ Vincent Aut Morire for this as I saw it there first (I'd insert link but it seems all of the Munuvian sites are down)

P.S. If I lived in Omaha I would be all over some bodies ass for wasting tax dollars that Omaha doesn't have for creating signs at tax payer expense that cannot be used to enforce anything.

Symbolism over substance.

Maybe the cities miscreant population of gangbangers will use them for target practice.

I can't wait untill Gramma Seng tries this shit.

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