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Monday, July 24, 2006

Take a Day off and see what happens

I made a simple post about an addittion to my Blogroll this morning for something to do and then spent the rest of the mornng pruning some of the apple trees. Early this afternoon the wife and I went to do some banking business before stopping off at Merle's in Emarald for some cooooolllld ice tea.

By the time we got ready to come home the evening sports show was on the radio so I missed all of the afternoon news. I arrived home to several messages on the answering machine and a phone ringing off the hook.

It seems that while we were out enjoyiny ourselves the City Council did someting sensible.

At todays meeting Councilman Jon Camp made a motion to consider the concealed carry issue and the Council voted 5-2 to kill it.

Yes Kill it as in dead, gone and buried. Well Mostly so anyway!

It can only be brought up again if one of the Council members from the winning side of the vote asks that it be reconsidered.

I am extremely elated that the Council chose to do this. I am reserving concern though as Councilman Svoboda voted with the majority and even though he is a Republican he has publically expressed that he was against LB454 (the state law) and that he supported the Mayor on this ban.

Svoboda has expressed interest in being the next mayor and the state and county Republican platform both supports concealed carry.

My conclusion at this point is that Svoboda either voted with the majority so that he can have it brought up again, or party representitives backed him into a corner and while tightening his tie a bit explained how toeing the party line favors those running for higher office.

If you haven't heard it from anyone else Ken;

If you want to be Mayor you need to support the party if you want the party to support you.

Here's what the Journal Star has to say

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