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Monday, July 10, 2006

"Sticky Post" Nebraska Blogger bash

It seems that there might be some interest in a meeting of the Cornhusker States most intellectual minds .... aka a Blogger Bash. Lets use this post as a starting point:
First how many Nebraska Blogggers would like to attend? The Bash is open to any anyone that has a Blog, it does not have to be political (left or right).
I am tentitively thinking of the first Friday or Saturday in August to give people plenty of time to respond and plan.
I am also thinking of a location in Lincoln.
Leave a comment on this post and spread the word via your own Blogs, if there is enough interest I will set something up and e-mail the details of the when, where & time. If anyone has a preference for a location include that too.
I am going to "sticky date" this to the top of the blog for a few weeks so it can get some exposure.

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