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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dana Roper needs to get a refund on his law degree

Now that the Wicked Witch Gramma Seng and her munchkins minions have been cut off at the knees on their irrational fear of firearms attempted gun ban they are taking new tact;

An Ordinance that bans firearms from government buildings.

The city law office has already drafted a city ordinance that will ban all weapons at all buildings owned or leased by the city or county.

Oh and I am sure I had nothing to do with this!!! (Wink!! Wink!!)

I've got knews for them.


The Wizard of Oz City Attorney Dana Roper laid it out himself over the course of the debate on the Mayors move to ban CCW. He cited the City Charter AND state statutes that give the city the power to ban concealed carry.

Authors note; I believe that power was rendered null and void by Initiative Measure No. 403 in 1988 and sections 10 and 15 of the CCW law that the Unicameral passed this last session. I submitted a written statement to that effect to the City Council.

I also know two things for a fact;

1. A copy of that statement was forwarded by a Council Member to Dana Roper with a request for his legal opinion and,

2. Dana Roper has had over a month to respond to an official City Council request for a legal opinion on my statement and to date he has not responded.

Personally I don't think he will, because he can not refute my arguement. So, rather than offer up some hollow weak kneed reply Dana is choosing to remain silent.

Roper might be able to make a barely convincing to some people arguement for the banning of concealed carry in the government buildings, but the ordinance stipulates all weapons and there is no way, shape or form the city can ban OPEN CARRY anywhere.

The County-City Building Commission recommended banning weapons in the buildings, Roper said.

Well whoopti do da day the Building commission recommended it, Big la ti da!!

Like their recommending it makes it all legal?

I got more knews for you Dana this proposed ordinance is just as unconstitutional as the ban the Council just tabled and you know it. Anyone that that proposes this and/or votes for it will be, in my opinion, violating their oath of office.

There is also a little bug whispering in my ear that if this should go forward, any one of a number of National Firearms Associations will challenge it in court.

Listen close can you hear it??

That is the sound of thousands of tax dollars the city doesn't have being flushed down the toilet of another losing legal battle.

Note to the powers that be in Lincoln;

With the budget problems that face this city right now do you want to commit tens of thousands of tax payer dollars to a lawsuit that you are going to loose anyway?

Don't believe me Just ask Ray Nagin (Mayor, New Orleans, La.) How many tax dollars the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) cost that city because he chose to screw with the citizens gun rights.

Just ask the State of Ohio and a few of its cities how many tax payers dollars it cost them in their loosing battle with the SAF.

Just ask the many townships in Virginia that tried to exceed their authority and ended up spending thousands of tax dollars in a losing legal battle with the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).

These are just a few examples, but if you want to buck the odds go for it. I am sure the cities tax payers will be indebted to you for wasting even more of their money.


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