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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emascucide/Femascucide Public Awareness Announcement

By Dr. Gun Scribe - Dean of From the Heartland Institute of Constitutional Studies

The following article is published for assistance in diagnosing and understanding the mental mutilation Emascucide/Femascucide.

In order to make an accurate diagnosis one must first understand what it is and how it spreads.

Emascucide/Femascucide - The psychological self sacrificing castration of the basic human instinct to protect and survive. In common vernacular individuals that have willfully mutilated themselves mentally may be referred to as Metrosexuals or more derogatorily Girlymen.

Authors Note; Metrosexual and Girlyman are gender neutral terms when used in context with the diagnosis or descriptive traits relating to the act Emascucide/Femascucide.

Emascucide/Femascucide is not a new phenomenon. In the past however, it was only diagnosed in very small percentage of the population that predominately occupied areas of education and journalism.

There is a pervasive theory that the spread of Emascucide/Femascucide is directly related to attendance at educational institutions and attention to Mainstream Media Outlets.

It must be understood that Emascucide/Femascucide is contagious.

It is generally thought that if one or both parents are girlymen there is a high probability that offspring will be commit Emascucide/Femascucide as well. Girly Parents however, may not have contracted it from their Parents (re: education above). Adults can be convinced to Emascucide/Femascucide themselves by other adults. In order for an adult to become a Metrosexual it usually necessitates being constantly exposed to other Girlymen for an extended period of time.

For some as yet unknown reason those who have been inoculated with Military Service or the spouses/relatives of those who have had such service seem to be relatively immune from Emascucide/Femascucide. The most notable exception thus far is Cindy Sheehan.

Unfortunately Metrosexuality has proven to flourish in large population centers. To date 98% of all confirmed Girlymen reside in major cities and their associated suburbs.

It is extremely cautioned that constant and repeated contact with Girlymen can and does cause others to commit Emascucide/Femascucide.

At this time it is not know if it is still in the epidemic stages or whether it has reached pandemic proportions.


When evaluating for a kitchen table diagnosis test subjects that have committed Emascucide/Femascucide will display the following symptoms;

1) An irrational fear of legally possessed inanimate objects, particularly in public places.

2) Delusional notions that all human beings are incapable of protecting themselves.

3) Emphatically repeat that reliance on trained professional responders is the only logical solution for self preservation.

4) Post unintelligent ramblings on internet message boards the content of which is usually some variation of, "it is far better for a mass murderer to kill 30 innocent victims, while waiting for trained responders to arrive, than it is for a private citizen with a firearm to stop him/her",or "the introduction of a firearm aimed at the mass murderer will only make the situation more dangerous".


If any of the above symptoms are observed an immediate determination of Emascucide/Femascucide can be made simply by showing the suspected Girlyman pictures of firearms drawn by a child. Note that a girlyman upon visual conformation that the caricature is a gun will immediately;

1) recoil in fear, possibly shredding and throwing the paper firearm so as not to touch it further. (This behavior has mainly been observed in those with teaching and educational administration credentials although that connection is not understood at this time.)

2) adopt facial expressions identifiable as a revulsion for the artistic representation. (This behavior, in overwhelming numbers, has been observed in those with Law Enforcement Credentials. It is suspected that the cause is related to "only the police should have guns" training issues in various departments.)

3) begin incoherent babbling about the dangers of firearms, even those drawn on paper and how only utter and total prohibition of all firearms, including paper drawings and pointed fingers, will completely save society.

Any time this diagnostic test is performed the administrator should be prepared, in advance, for some of the more severe symptoms;

4) Projectile vomiting (This has been noted most often in members of the Mainstream Media)

5) Loss of bladder control (This has been most noted in elderly Girlymen that committed Emascucide/Femascucide very early in life.)


Emascucide/Femascucide has been determined to interrupt the neurons that govern rational thought causing Girlymen to irrationally believe;

1) that representatives of the Nanny State are more qualified to protect them than they are.

2) that it is morally superior for a Murdering Bastard to kill a dozen or more people than to have one armed private citizen save those most of those lives with a firearm.

3) that it is morally superior for a woman to be beaten, raped and strangled with her own panty hose than for her to shoot her attacker/s with a firearm.

Girlymen have proven to be a direct threat to society

By their own admission Girlymen believe that it is far better to allow a Murdering Bastard the killing of as many people as he/she can without any measure of intervention until the killer takes his own life or the Police respond either shooting him/her or taking them into custody after they have run out of ammunition.

Girlymen are apparently resigned to the fact that rape does exist, they are adamant that women should not resist in any manner that will cause any physical or psychological harm to their attackers.

Girlymen are responsible for the successful wanton murder, rape and robbery of an untold number of American citizens. If drastic steps to curtail the Emascucide/Femascucide epidemic it is uncertain how many hundreds more may be harmed or killed.

Physical Identification

At one time a Girlyman was easily recognizable by effeminate mannerisms and dress. This is no longer the case as Girlymen have been diagnosed in all areas of life, dress and occupations.

Important Case Study Note; It can not be stressed strongly enough; Under no circumstance should Girlymen be associated with homosexuality. Although individual gays and lesbians may be Girlymen there are large numbers that have not nor will they ever commit Emascucide/Femascucide. (This has been confirmed by existence of the Pink Pistols and other pro gun Gay & Lesbian Organizations) Homosexuality is not nor has it ever been a requisite for Emascucide/Femascucide. So don't even think it!!!!


As a final note it has positively been determined that the spread of Emascucide/Femascucide is hastened by Politicians and Police Administrations. It has been deduced that a large number of Politicians are in fact Girlymen and that many in the Law Enforcement community while not necessarily Metrosexuals believe that everyone except themselves should be.

These individuals are readily recognizable when they make official pronouncements such as;

1) Do not resist you may get hurt,

2) Individuals should not attempt to defend themselves, only the Police have enough training to do that.

In many communities Local leaders have even gone so far as to develop seminars encouraging local residents to commit Emascucide/Femascucide.


The only know treatment for Emascucide/Femascucide is for a Girlyman to involuntarily encounter a violent situation and have the good fortune to survive. This does not work in all cases, but it is encouraging to note that of those cured in this manner the recidivism rate back to Emascucide/Femascucide is very very low.


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