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Thursday, December 20, 2007

If you support Gun Control you might be a Racist Bigot Metrosexual

I have written on the subject in the past and wondered why so many self appointed Black Leaders want their constituency put down and kept down by denying them their Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

You know like the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers et al.

All of Americas Federal and State Gun Control laws were founded in racism. They were enacted to keep firearms from Freed Slaves. It is not just a Southern thing either most if not all of the Northern states passed these atrocious laws as well. In fact the most stringent are still enforced in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

Note; For all you Girlymen that find that hard to believe, better people (both white and black) than you will ever be have spent years researching the written record of the State Senates and Houses of Representatives. Their exhaustive work has been published all over the Internet. It is out there if you are not afraid of what you might find.

Realizing you have been a useful idiot is a bitter pill isn't it?

Those gun laws are still on the books in most of those states. When SCOTUS and the various State Supreme Courts ruled that these laws were discriminatory and un-Constitutional they were NOT repealed. They were amended to include most of the population, more particularly the poor and indigent.

Those modified discriminatory laws are the very ones that many of you want to see made tougher. To do so in my book is suborning discrimination. That in my world makes you a Racist and a bigot.

Just so we are clear, Yes, I said I think you are a racist and a bigot if you support gun control. You are perpetuating the filthy disgusting racist discrimination initiated by some of our ancestors one hundred and fifty years ago

Yes a bitter pill indeed.

I have a friend in Ohio, Frank M. Reed

Frank has been a staunch out spoken proponent of the Second Amendment for much longer than I have. He has is also consistently more civil than me.

My friend Frank is, not that it should matter to anyone, also a Christian Gentleman of Color, Negro, African-American, American of African decent or what ever is the Politically (there have been so many different ones in just my half Century) Correct reference these days.

To me none of that PC bullshit matters, Frank is a Great American and friend that Mrs Gun and I don't get to see often enough. In fact the last time we were together Frank cut our visit short. He had to. He was urgently needed at his Church. I understood and wished him until the next time Godspeed.

Frank's incite full writings have, over the years been accepted for publication in such prestigious print media as Handguns Magazine, Shield LEAA, and The New Gun Week. Widely read daily newspapers have also seen fit to publish some of Frank's work, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and The Washington Times to name two.

Frank sent me a heads up e-Mail that his latest literary work will appear in the current (Jan 1st) issue of The New Gun Week and here are a couple of snippets that I found compelling;

As an American of African descent, I have observed over the years the constant erosion of our Second Amendment right at the hands of our black elected officials on the local, state and federal levels.

I have observed the same thing Frank and it pisses me off that they (African-American Leaders) would participate or continue in the same racist mantra that tried keep the black population in check until the Civil Rights Movement of the Sixties.

Yes Readers, I am old enough. Yes I remember those years.

You see my parents were not racist or bigoted and they did not raise my brother, sister and me to be either. We knew who Dr. King was while he was STILL ALIVE. Unlike so many today of any racial background that only know what their cousins brother-in-laws neighbors ex-wifes Uncle said about him;

I heard first hand on the evening News Dr. Martin Luther King preaching self reliance and independence.

Today I hear his "self anointed" successor Jesse Jackson preach dependence on the government, but mostly dependence on him.

That's right on him because Jesse Jackson knows more about what you need or want than you do for yourself. If you don't believe that just ask him He'll tell you. As long as you send that check to the Rainbow Coalition that is.

Why do major cities with large population consisting of people of color and black elected representatives have the toughest historically racist gun laws? This will always continue to blow my mind. The last time I checked there is a majority of black-on-black crime. I have not seen any white sheets in my neighborhood.

I think the answer to that is because a large segment of the population including large numbers of blacks believe that if we pretend hard enough that slavery in America never happened then we can feel good about ourselves, hold hands, sing Kumbaya and all will be right with the world.

The truth is these Black Leaders and a majority of the White ones have no clue as to the origin of Gun Control. Even if they did it likely wouldn't make any difference to any of these leaders (black or white). They attain their status as leaders because they crave power and will resort to any means to get it, even if it means denying things like slavery, the Holocaust and the racist roots of gun control ever happened.

The farther we get from the truth the more apt we are to repeat the mistakes we made in the past

The only problem with this pseudo-pretense is that many of our leaders do not have a clue about the history of racist legislation and bigotry since the end of slavery. For them the United States has no history prior to the Civil Rights Act. The truly sad part is none of our youth are being taught an accurate history of America either.

Ever wonder why the KKK is not very active anymore?

They don't need to be, they have Jackson, Sharpton and Chambers doing their work for them.

Mr Reed is on the World Wide Web

For those that are interested, Friend Frank has a website where all of his published work is archived. Check it out, I promise you will learn something about American History.

If your not afraid to face your own racist demons.


And now out of genuine respect for my friend Frank Reed I will end with the two words that that he closes every E-Mail with,

In Freedom


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