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Friday, December 07, 2007

Westroads Mall update

In my previous post I made assertions that would be born out in the days that followed the Westroads Mall Murders.

I am not psychic and it did not take long.

It wasn't that hard really, since it is the same every time.

1) In his mind he was dead already, he went there to stop the heart beat

2) He fell through the cracks

3) Friends and family extol his virtues

4) He was off his medication

5) He lost his job

6) He is getting his 15 minutes of fame

The only thing I got wrong so far is I didn't mention the wife/girlfriend. Oh and I haven't heard yet whether he ever sang in the church choir.

7) Politicians are already dancing in the blood of the murdered calling for more gun control laws.

8) A firearms familiar customer WAS close enough to see the empty brass ejecting from the gun and reported that had he a sidearm with him he had several seconds to end the carnage. See Comments to previous post

9) A law abiding citizen with a legally carried firearm COULD have stopped it

I am not writing this to blow my own horn, nor am I writing this as an "I told you so", I am writing this to demonstrate that every mass murder in recent memory all have certain things in common.

They have all been perpetrated by a troubled unloved young male with "nothing to live for" and a desire to take as many people with him as possible to insure he gets in death the 15 minutes of fame he never could achieve in life.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing all of these events have in common is that they took place in a "Gun Free Zone".

Do you understand the significance of that?

Whether on purpose or by accident everyone of these Murdering Bastards chose a place that the property owners/managers had;

For the Murdering Bastards convenience hired unarmed security (who could only cut & run along with everyone else) and disarmed law abiding American citizens.

1) You anti-gun morons want high body counts so that you have that much more blood to dance in?

Well you got them.

2) You wanted law abiding citizens disarmed?

Well you got them.

From Virginia Tech to SuccessTech Academy to the Westroads Mall this year alone your irrational fear of firearms has aided and abetted every single murder perpetrated by these 3 pariahs.

You made it possible for most of those people to die, their blood is on your hands and you will never ever be able to wash it off.

What we know now is that there are MORE people dead or wounded than there needed to be because decent law abiding citizens have been denied the ability to fight back by a bunch of pantywaist Socialist Morons.

That is right I used the word Socialist.

You promulgate the same restrictions, confiscations and government dependence that Stalin, Hitler and an untold number of Despotic rulers have done.

By my definition that makes one a Socialist and that in my opinion is contrary to every principle this Country was founded on.

On a related note I finally understand what a Metrosexual is. Watch for that in a future post.


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