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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mass Murder and the Metrosexual reaction to the Westroads Mall massacre

This is a long one and it is not pretty. It's not meant to be. It is meant to be as down and dirty as it is going to read, so go visit the restroom, grab a drink/snacks on the way back and strap yourselves in for a rough ride. If you don't have the stones to get through the whole thing then skip to the bottom of the page and read WHY I WROTE THIS before sticking your head back in the sand.
I am through mincing words. I do not suffer fools gladly and if this commentary doesn't get you away from the shallow end of the gene pool then you deserve what you get.

Some will call it fear-mongering. Wrong answer Dopey! If it is an unpredictable event that happens somewhere everyday (not just mass murder, but rapes, robberies and assaults) then it is not fear-mongering to tell someone they are WOEFULLY UNPREPARED for REALITY if/when brutality comes to call.

Will it ever happen to you? The odds are that it won't. I hope it never does. But how in the hell can you bet the lives of your spouse and kids that it won't? You are a lowlife scumbag fool undeserving of any kind of loving family if you are willing to make that bet.

I am not pulling any punches and if most of them land below the belt .... well that is where I was aiming. I am about to say what has needed to be said for a very long time, and it will be too unpleasant and graphic for some to read and it will be stated in the most unflattering of ways. For too long to many of us have been tip toeing around the issue with politically correct rhetoric that just doesn't impart the seriousness of being prepared to act when violence strikes.

Real Life Sucks sometimes

This is not a review for the latest video game, this is what real violence is. This is a public literary lynching of all the namby pambies (including the Westroads Mall Management and the UNICAMERAL) I hold accountable for the murders at Virginia Tech, SuccessTech Academy and the Westroads Mall this year.

Warning: If you are offended by what you read don't blame me it is your own conscience or lack of responsibility twisting your gut into knots. Sometimes it takes a literary baseball bat between the eyes is to get an Jackasses attention.

And yes I am pissed. Pissed off because, although some deaths may not have been prevented there is absolutely no doubt zip, zilch, nada, none in my mind that the irrational fear of an inanimate object prevented someone from ending it before the body count got high enough for the Murderer/s to cap his own ass.

Metrosexual?? - Less avoidance of femininity and the "emergence of a segment of men who have embraced customs and attitudes once deemed the province of women." Metrosexuals only made their appearance after cultural changes in the environment and changes in views on masculinity.

It used to be called Emasculation ...the word has also come to mean “to socially render a male less of a man,” .... (Wiki)

To put it bluntly it means your "umbilical cord hasn't been cut yet", "still tied to Mommy's apron strings" or "surrendering your manhood to someones purse".

The Politically Correct term is Girlyman and from recent comments on various blogs and message boards I gather that Metrosexuality is much more prevalent than I imagined.

The red words are comments made by individuals to one or more websites. My responses are in black. If by chance you read this and I have selected something you wrote, the answer is YES I am TALKING TO AND ABOUT YOU.

Batter up!!! Here Batter, Batter, Batter!!!!!!! Swing Batter, Batter, Batter!!

Everything about this situation is sad, but what bugs me the most is the mindset of more guns could of made this bad situation better.

What's really sad is that there was at least one knowledgeable firearms person at Westroads Mall, and several at Virginia Tech that could have stopped it practically before it started but were not in possession of a sidearm. What part of mass murders did not happen when it was accepted as a natural thing for men/women to carry firearms . This relatively new phenomena began shortly after "Gun Free Zones" started sprouting up like orange barrels in the Springtime. When there were more guns this shit didn't happen. Interesting huh?

In years past when some miscreant yanked out a shooter and began to massacre innocent citizens, good people (men and women) drew guns shot the dirty bastard down like a rabid dog. They didn't try to get in touch with his inner child or query him about an abused childhood or any other psycho babble bullshit about why. They shot his ass down and saved lives.

If more guns wouldn't make this bad situation better, then why in hell should the cops even bother to show up with guns? After it is all over even. Six minutes is the response time the press is reporting .... that is pretty damn fast. I don't think they could have done better. But then the Murdering Bastard was already dead by his own hand before they got there. No it is not their fault, they did everything humanly possible to get there as fast as they could.

Westroads had unarmed security guards on duty ... well whoop ti do da frickin day. What were they suppose to do? They turned tail and ran .. just like everyone else tried to do and I for one don't blame them one gall darned bit. There wasn't anything they could be expected to do against a rifle with a stick, some handcuffs and a can of cooking spice.

So what if someone had a handgun with them that just would have raised the possibility that they would have over reacted missed and or shot the wrong person. Guns of any place have no business in public.

Got a new word for you Skippy; it's called projection. You know, when you lack the confidence in your own abilities you make up for those short comings by projecting them on everyone else. In your mind it makes everyone equal so you can feel better about yourself. Oh it is precisely because so many ego challenged Girlymen like you have an irrational fear of guns and banned them from public places that we have these Mass Murders. Why is that so hard for you to understand? No need to answer that ... I just did.

Oh and by the way, a nationwide study found that only 2 percent of civilian shootings involved an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal. The “error rate” for the police, however, was 11 percent, over five times as high. In defending themselves with their firearms, armed citizens kill 2,000 to 3,000 criminals each year, three times the number killed by the police.

Does that resonate somewhere in your feeble excuse for a brain? Private citizens are forced to kill 3 times more murdering bastards every year than cops and they are 5 times less likely to shoot the wrong person.

Wake up Van Winkle your dreaming.

Why would I want more guns being used when someone is already shooting at me with one?

To save your life Bonehead; unless you and yours can run 2,500 feet per second. So what do you plan on doing if someone starts shooting at you with one? Out run your family? Use your body to protect them so they can watch you coughing up blood as your eyes glaze over choking on your last breath? Superman you ain't so pay attention here; The Westroads Mall Murderer was using a rifle, the bullets would pass completely through your macho ass and take out which ever spouse or kid you are cowering over too. Two dead bodies for the price of one bullet huh?

There's an image every kid should take to bed with them at night; the last time they saw their Father his chicken shit body was ripped with bullets and his blood flowing out all over the floor. Got your life insurance paid up Sparky?

Worse than that what about the image you may go to sleep with every night for the rest of your life; Your running with one or more of your kids and/or spouse a few steps ahead of you when suddenly a cloud of red mist explodes directly in front of one of them. As they tumble to the ground/floor a pool of warm life force blossoms out around the now still form. In that one fraction of an instant your whole world shatters as you hear the faint rasp "Daddy help me, I hurt". POWERLESS to do ANYTHING you know what just happened and it feels like you have just been run over by a cement truck. Quick .... Do you stop and kneel at the fallen hoping the next round doesn't take out another kid or you? Do you scoop them up on a dead run?

Fear mongering????? As I write this a grieving father lays in a Colorado hospital after losing his two teenage daughters from the SAME shooting in which he was twice wounded Sunday.

I'll tell you what you will want because I have heard it over and over from people that have been lucky enough to live through violence. You will want a gun. You will cry for a gun. You will pray for a gun. You would offer up your soul for a gun to save your wife/husband and kids.

You'll be running like a scared little sheep trying to herd your family out of danger all the while praying "Oh how I wished I had a gun, oh please let us be spared, oh I feel so helpless, how I wish I could do something to save my wife/husband and kids, please someone with a gun stop this madness."

But then it wouldn't do you any good would it? Because of your irrational fear of an inanimate object you wouldn't have practiced the skills to function with it and you'd probably end up dead anyway. That is what his is really all about isn't it. You lack the gumption to do what is necessary to protect yourself and your family so you harbor an unhealthy jealousy for those that do.

All it is going to do is raise the risk that I or my loved ones will get shot if there are twice as many bullets flying around the mall.

Raise the risk?? Statistically about the only way you or your loved ones will get shot by a Private Citizen protecting him/herself is if your running at the Mass Murder in question. If that is the case your too stupid to even have kids let alone a gun.

The chances that they will react fast enough to shoot the guy are slim and none.

Bullshit now your just making stuff up. Cite your sources Einstein! Since you'd likely just stand there with warm piss running down your leg you assume everyone else would do the same. Your projecting again.

Plus I don’t care how good a person is at shooting a hand gun on a shooting range trying to shoot a guy when you are in that situation is completely different.

The massacre at the Mall lasted nearly six minutes and you don't think that anyone could react fast enough? By the way how the hell do you know so much about how everyone else is going to act? You don't, you and Skippy need to need to address your dysfunction with projection.

Even if Westroads didn’t ban concealed guns, it’s a stretch to claim that anyone else with a gun on them would have had time to react, much less take out the shooter, before it was all over.

Hey Spanky you might want to check out this News Video. That incident lasted mere seconds and the good guy won. He is unharmed and his family is alive because he was something your not .... Prepared. The massacre at Westroads lasted MINUTES. Just because you have "no ability to act under stress" issues it doesn't mean the entire human race plagued with your short comings.

Those aren't two moons rising Bambi those are headlights.

If one gun is causing a problem, adding additional guns isn’t any kind of solution. Unless you want to add 10 or 20 more people to the body count.

One gun causing a problem???? A gun is an inanimate object, you know just like a hammer, screwdriver or your kids teddy bear, it does not cause problems. When was the last time your kids Teddy Bear got into the cookie jar or hiked his leg and pissed on the corner of the sofa?

Repeat after me, In-an-i-mate Ob-ject

During the time this was being written a woman church volunteer with a concealed carry license in Colorado put a stop to another potential mass shooting. Guess what mathematician; YOUR WRONG. 10 to 20 more??? How about a total of 3 including the Murdering Bastard.

The Leaders of the second Church heard about the first Church shooting and took precautions that INCLUDED guns.

That just shot down all your mindless Metrosexual mantras didn't it???

We are right. It's not a fluke. It works. Hyperventilating yet because you can't handle the truth?

How's that for ripping your dumbass remark to shreds??

A prepared woman has got more NADS than you sissified Girlymen that are making these emasculated remarks. She saved an entire Congregation, you won't even take steps to save your own families. Have you no shame. Are you feeling real ashamed about your metrosexuality yet? You should be. When a Murdering Bastard takes out a gun to do harm, the ONLY viable solution is another gun.

Oh and you know what really sucks? If that had been Nebraska a whole bunch of people would be dead. 10? 20? 30 or more? You know why? Because in its infinite wisdom and encouraged by Girlymen like you the UNICAMERAL made it illegal to possess a concealed firearm in places of worship.

Essentially a church in Nebraska may not even be able to secure its self even if the Elders wanted to.

Now ain't that a daisy?

Neither does the scenario that some armed person will shoot the assailant dead before he opens fire on innocent people. It hasn’t happened. It’s a figment of your imagination.

Your right some armed person likely won't shoot the assailant dead before he opens fire. Even law abiding citizens fully prepared to protect themselves are not telekinetic. How the hell is anyone suppose to know until it happens. Some armed person WILL however, just like she did in Colorado stop the Murdering Bastard BEFORE he can achieve a 10 to 20 or more body count.

And for all you Girlyman Metrosexuals I highly suggest that you read this; Firsthand account of the Von Maur

Yes Girly guys/gals the someone that you all claim doesn't exist was there. The truth is in most instances there is someone there, someone who has been disarmed by "NO GUNS ALLOWED ON THIS PROPERTY" signs. Until now you really didn't know how intellectually inferior you were did you. Now don't you feel really stupid?

Since you have been conditioned to the "Woe is me I am so piss down my leg scared and too gutless to take responsibility for myself syndrome", I doubt very seriously any of this will have an effect on you. You'll go about your daily lives living and working on Sesame Street whining about how all the rest of us are out of step with your utopia induced reality. But from here on there is no excuse because now you know how mentally deficient you really are.

So instead of a scenario where guns are heavily regulated and A LOT less people die in gun related deaths (Europe), you’d favor a scenario that’s never happened?

If you are literate enough and had the stomach to read this far then you should be able to Google the on-line versions of Media Publications from Great Britain and Australia. If you aren't to cloistered to broaden your horizons you will find that crime in London has surpassed that of New York City. Crime has risen so many hundred percent in England that Britons are demanding the House of Lords for their gun rights back. The same thing is happening in Mick Dundee's Down under too.

Wakey Wakey you ignorant fools, the British and the Aussies are at the place where you pansy Girlymen want to take us here in this country. Guess what, they don't like it and they want their guns back. Of course some of you just hit the snooze button and stuck your head back in the sand because that just ... well it just doesn't make sense.

I would gladly fight to the death to keep my wife from slightest bit of harm and I am sure that ever man here would do the same we just don’t agree that more guns is the answer was the answer in this situation!!!!!

Oh looooook honey, it's a Knight in shini.... no wait my bad, it is a blithering idiot in Izod and penny loafers.

Fight to the death my ass! With What? Your bare hands against gun/s, knife/s or multiple assailants? How Gallant! How udderly metrosexual stupid. I didn't realize you were Bruce Lee incarnate. Gladly fight to the death against armed adversaries and I won't use a gun to do it.

You really don't see how stupid that sounds do you?

I'll take it as a feeble attempt to reclaim your Gonads from the Gucci though, but it won't work.

Training scenario;

Some dark night your coming out of what ever upscale Metrosexual eatery you fancy and you are accosted. A couple of thugs demand your wallet, Beemer keys and the use of your companions vagina. Assume that martial arts stance while exhaling a couple Kung Fu movie "Hu wawwww's" cause that's all you got Girlyman.

I hope you've seen enough episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger to get it right Kato because here's where you gladly get your wish.

A few thrusts of glimmering steel in the pale moonlight and You'll have fought valiantly to the death .... uhhh ... don't forget to laugh while your life giving fluids spurt copiously from your Carotid Artery.

Remember you did say gladly.

As your blood flows from your wounds and you fade from life on this planet your screaming companion will be hauled off in your BMW likely be murdered too. Well when they tire of her anyway. And while your companion is suffering a bit more than the slight harm you swore a death oath to keep her from she will be fondly remembering you for the gallant knight in shining armor you never were.


She is going to be cussing the day she met you wondering why she ever got involved with a gutless Girlyman like you in the first place.

Do the Police a favor before you go out tonight; PLEASE have a laminated card pinned to the inside of a pocket (not in your wallet, that went with the Beemer and your spouse remember) with your name, address and telephone number and that of someone to contact in case of emergency. It will speed up next of kin notification. Believe me the cops will really appreciate it.

The truth Kato, is that in a situation like this a gun is the ONLY answer.

I would gladly lay down my life to save my wife and someday my children but what I will not do is pull a gun and try and fire back on that person in a crowded busy mall where I am more likely to take the life of someone else then the gunman him self!!

Show your family what kind a man their husband/father really is. Keep telling them it's just not right to meet force with equal force, that it will be okay the police will come and save them as the blood from your sucking chest wound/s splatters over them. I am sure your husband/wife sleeps better at night knowing that you will gladly lay down and die for her. How do you suppose he/she will sleep at night if it ever happens?

Speaking of "don't resist you get it hurt" it's advice that works real good doesn't it? NOT! Not one single victim at Westroads Mall had a chance to show they wouldn't resist.

Let me see if I got this right Gumby - "Crowded... busy..... more likely take the life of someone else than ...." You actually think that all those other people are going to just hang out there in close proximity to a murdering bastard with their thumbs up their asses while he/she is blasting away?

You really are insane.

I'll bet you a dinner for four at the Steak House right here and now that within 3 seconds there will be a clear field of fire from just about the entire 360 degrees. Walls and structural posts excepted of course.

Hey Bruce here's a thought; Why don't you go back and read that man's account of his experience at Von Maur again. "What I won't do is pull a gun ...." I hear you talking Kato, but your Kung Fu is weak.

If the balloon ever goes up for you and I hope it never does you will be praying, begging, whining and crying for gun. At that moment an over powering will to survive and protect all that you hold dear will kick in and you would sell your soul for something to fight back with.

I have no problem with people who want to keep guns in their homes to defend themselves that is their right and I will not take that away but you have no right to possibly kill innocent people in you illusions of being a hero.

Well I am glad that you think it is alright for people to defend themselves in their homes. I know it is our Right you egotistical snot-nose wet-behind-the-ears whelp. Oh Lord and Master let me kneel and kiss your ring for not taking it away.

NOT! You are an arrogant pompous ass, suffering delusions of grandeur for even thinking you have that power.

I have never had any illusions of being a hero. I have lived more than half a century without getting all swelled up with myself I don't intend to start now.

Oh and Gumby, "let me make one thing perfectly clear", my Right to defend myself DOES NOT stop at my front door. I was endowed by my creator with the unalienable right to defend myself any where on this planet any time I am in danger of death or bodily harm and there is not one single thing you all by yourself can do about it.

That pisses you off doesn't it? To know there are people like me who are self reliant adults secure in the knowledge that we can take care of ourselves and accept responsibility for our actions. It scares you to know that there citizens that don't need Nanny State cradle to the grave tending by the government. It scares you because you don't know how to function without a womb to the tomb safety net to catch your ass if you fail. The bottom line is you just don't think you have it in you and it scares you shitless that you might fall on your ass fail. So you won't even bother to try.

Too bad the world has so little respect for life. Some days I’d love to go back to the “olde days”.

It's not the world that has little respect for life. It is the evil that infests the hearts of a small but dangerous percentage of the population that has no respect for life. "Olde days"? Yea me too. Since there was hardly such thing as a mass murder when a large portion of the population carried a firearm every where, every day. When some loser yanked his/her gun out to commit such an atrocity they were gunned down by the law abiding society BEFORE they could do any harm.

The difference now is that they can kill people much more efficiently thanks to easily accessible guns (I’m not saying that banning guns would prevent this), and we can watch coverage of the event 24/7.

What planet are you from?? Easily accessible?? Listen Mork it is harder to get a firearm in more states today than it was 15-20 years ago. Oh and efficiently has nothing to do with availability?? I guess they don't teach that words have definitions on Ork do they?

I am so saddened that some think they need a gun with them at all times. What a dim and fear filled view of the world one must have to think they need a gun with them always.

Be sad all you want to Girlyman. That is like saying what a dim and fear filled view of flame one must have to think they need fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in their home always.

Listen up; It is not dim and fear filled it is the reality of being prepared knowing that there are dangerous people on this planet and one never knows when one or more will be encountered.

The odds of you being the victim of violence are far greater than your house ever burning down, but your not going to toss out the extinguisher and smoke alarms are you? I didn't think so.

Using tragedy as an opportunity to score political points is bad enough. Resorting to fear-mongering, cheap shots, personal insults, and bizarre references to a spouse’s anatomy is too over-the-top. Your comment and this entire thread are closed.

First off I am not trying to score points for any reason. After this I don't give a shit if you pay attention to me or not. I either opened your mind to the truth or I didn't. I tried. Now the ball is in your court. Getting people to realize that they are responsible for their own safety is far more important to me than racking up political points.

Fear-mongering?? No, the things I am writing about happen to someone/s somewhere randomly every single day in this country. If it is reasonable to think it might happen and point it out so that people can be prepared it is not fear-mongering it is one American fulfilling his duty to his/her countrymen. Of course I don't expect any Baaa ... Baaa herd mentality metrosexual Sheeple to understand that.

Cheap Shots? Personal insults and bizarre references to anatomy? Attention getters my good man attention getters. The only way to get a Girlymans attention is to appeal to his/her finer senses by PISSING THEM OFF. By doing something drastic it makes them respond. When they respond they think, and when they think they open their minds to the alternatives. NOW DO YOU GET IT?

When you use the word RAPE ... well we have all heard it so many times we are numbed to it. It is a word used in polite society. I am a man I can not even begin to to image the horror a rape visits on its victims, most men can't. So when I say rape most guys and a lot of women think .... well yea rape .... I mean .. yuh know its just rape.

On the other hand if I say "He dragged her into the ally where he ripped her away clothing and began shoving his aids infested ...her vagina". NOW YOU GET the traumatic picture. Now you start to feel the horror. Now you see the seriousness. Now your pissed. Now your motivated to do something. Now you understand the need to be, in an instant prepared to fight for life at every waking hour and minute of the day especially when you are away from home..

When you use the word got shot .. Well we have heard it so many times in polite society there is just no picture there.

On the other hand if I say "The exit wound was a large gaping hole of ragged flesh with bits of lung tissue extruding ..... NOW YOU GET the traumatic picture. It turns your stomach. Now you start to feel the horror. Now you understand what really happens. Now your pissed. It is something that you don't EVER want to happen to anyone you know. Now you get pissed. Now you get motivated to be prepared to prevent it from ever happening to anyone you love.


Okay now, take a couple of really deep breaths exhaling slowly and pay real close attention.

I know at a very deep personal level what I hope none of you ever have to learn. What it takes to survive a violent encounter. I never want anyone to ever have to go through that and I will resort to cheap shots, personal insults, bizarre references to body parts and anything else I think I need to get you to understand that

As much as you want to sugar coat it with politically correct words at cocktail parties about "how it can never happen to me or my family" or until it happens to you, you will never understand the serious need to be prepared for a violent encounter.

They are random. They happen all across this country at anytime, anywhere everyday. If they were predictable they could be stopped.

For all you Macho testosterone laden "I will fight to the death for my .....but I don't/won't need a gun do do it" metrosexuals; Yea right! How in hell do you think your going to do that? Against an armed assailant (and they mostly all are these days) all you will succeed in doing is getting a knife ripping into your torso cutting into your vital organs and draining your vital fluids. Or a couple of bullets slam into your chest tearing ragged holes through your lungs and heart. And tonight your kids will have one less parent and your spouse will be a Widow/er.

If you stayed with me all the way to the bitter end I hope by now you realize how udderly ignorant you sound. I don't want you to die, I don't want anything to happen to any member of your family.

I hope by now you realize that violence can occur at any place any time and it is not only your responsibility IT IS YOUR DUTY to be prepared for it and protect yourself and your loved ones as ferociously as you can with every tool available to you.


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