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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Westroads Mall a safe working environment for Wackos

As most know by now the Westroads Mall in Omaha was the scene of a tragic massacre this afternoon. This is just another "Dead Man Walking" incident that I have alluded to in past postings.

"Channel 6 News has confirmed that a 19-year-old Sarpy County man left a suicide note this afternoon stating, "I'm going out in style.""

In the mans own mind he was dead before he ever arrived at the Westroads Mall. He went there to stop his heart beat. He also knew he would be the only one armed and he was free to rack up a large body count before being shot by responding Peace Officers or saving the last bullet for himself.

In death he will get the fifteen minutes of fame that he craved in life.

That is the way of the loser

I am sure in days to come we will be inundated with the usual media blitz about "He fell through the cracks", "Oh what a wonderful young man this was", "How he was an abused child", "He was off of his medication" "He lost his job" or that he "sang in the church choir" or some other inane drivel about how it is society's fault. The truth is the guy is a loser and for what ever reason he could not cope with what life handed him and took the losers way out.

The other thing that is going to happen (every time) is the media, politicians and the pantywaist cowards will be dancing in blood of these unfortunate victims calling for more strict gun control.

They will use this event as an example of why we need more laws.

How in the hell do all you stupid people think that more laws will stop shit like this when the 20,000 already passed have not done it? Don't you ignorant fools realize that the only ones that obey your stupid laws are those that obey the law and do not commit crimes like this anyway.

Guns laws kill people.

The management of that property has signs posted at all of the entrances that might just as well read;

"Criminals, Psychos, and Gang bangers for your protection all of our patrons have for your convenience have been disarmed. Please consider this a safe work environment in which you can rob, rape, steal, maim, shoot, wound and murder as many of our customers as possible."

Those signs only stop legally licensed citizens from carrying a firearm in that building. Those signs have never stopped anyone intent on committing crime from carrying firearms there.

Yes I am going to say it

By denying citizens the Right to keep and bear arms you are aiding and abetting the criminal element and wackos in the commission of their crimes.

Do you understand that?

In my opinion you are as much responsible for the murder and shooting of those people as the guy that pulled the trigger and should be held legally accountable for such actions.

An irrational fear of an inanimate object and the ignorant passage of laws to regulate that object killed those people and countless others before today. As long as there are laws forbidding law abiding citizens access to the tools they need to fight back when something like this happens there will be an untold number of more an deaths.

Think what you want but I believe that with every fiber of my being. You made it possible for the shooter to go about his killing spree without fear.

Understand this;

I do not care how many laws you pass, how many guns you ban or how much other feel good legislation you enact it will only be obeyed by those inclined to be law abiding citizens. Criminals by virtue of their mindset and job description will not ever obey any of your silly feel good laws.

The fact that you deny law abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones will only contributes to the problem.

What If?

Did any of the patrons there at the time have a concealed carry license? Don't know yet.

If they did and being law abiding citizens was their firearm left in their motor car or at home because they knew they were going to the mall? Don't know yet.

Could a law abiding citizen with a legally licensed concealed firearm have stopped the rampage thus savings lives like any number of people said they could have at the Virginia Tech shooting? Don't know. We shall see, but if there is don't count on it being reported in the Main Stream Media.

What we do know is that the Westroads gunman went about his spree unchecked because there was no one there with the tools to stop him.

Might there have been someone that would have been at the mall but wasn't because they refuse to patronize any place that has an established "Victim Disarmament Zone"? I doubt we will ever know the true answer to that one.

What we do know is that there are a lot of people dead and wounded because they were denied the ability to fight back.

Yes I believe they are dead because the management of that mall, our politicians, the Brady Bunch and the Million Commie Mommies went to great lengths to ensure that they could not fight back.

How Safe are you?

Look around the City/Town you live in, how many businesses and government agencies have established a "Safe working environment" for Criminals, Psychos and Gang bangers to make you the next Victim?

If you feel safer because the building you are in has a "Victim Disarmament sign" you are deluding yourself with a false sense of security that may someday get you killed.

But hey at least you don't have to worry about me or any one the other countless law abiding citizens I know harming you. We are not like that. We carry for defensive purposes only and we do not patronize those places unless we absolutely have and obey the law when we do.

But then again if the shit hits the fan the way it did today at the Westroads Mall we won't be there to save your ignorant "all nobody should be allowed to protect themselves in public gun control laws are good" crybaby ass either.

This is what happens when you restrict the ability of people to protect themselves.

No legal concealed carry will not stop all of these types of events. Until however, you simple minded Morons wake up and realize the truth they will continue to have large numbers of dead and dying because there is not a legally licensed citizen with a concealed firearm to stop them.


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