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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gone Hunting

I am off for what I consider some well deserved time away. I'm not sure how much hunting I personally will be doing as I plan on spending a good deal of my time guiding.

I will be free from the tentacles of the internet for several days.

I hope everyones Christmas was Merry and here is wishing all a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Since I won't be posting until after the First I hope that you all will take the time to peruse some of the Blogs an my Blogroll. There are some really good reading there I am sure will interest you if you haven't been reading them all along.

I really don't have a favorite myself, but if I only have a few moments to check out what others are writing the two I usually read first are;

TFS Magnum and The Plains Feeder

Recently another Blog has come on my radar screen and it is worth a look;

Army Wife Toddler Mom

I really enjoy her writing as some of it hits closer to home for me than I would care to admit. As the Blog title implies she is the wife of a serviceman and mother of small children. It gives me a new perspective on what my wife had to endure while I was gallivanting around the world all those years ago when our own children were toddlers.

When I get back to the keyboard and start fussing with my Blogroll AWTM will be added to it. I also note that she is connected (Blogroll) to a number of other service wives whose husbands are currently in other parts of the world.

Keep the faith all


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