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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

APLF Jihadists threaten state budgets.

Judicial Terrorism
The Humane Society of the United States and the Fund for Animals are merging and creating an Animal Protection Litigation section (Front), the intended purpose of which is to strongarm the State and Federal Governments into banning all hunting and fishing in the United States. Aided and abetted by sympathetic judges some of whom are already guilty of legislating from the bench, the APLF intends to circumvent the legislative process that is the very bedrock foundation of this country by having the courts declare a multitude of laws unconstitutional in the name of animal rights.

The APLF is expected to be headed by Johnathan Lovvorn, a Barrister in partnership with the Washington, D.C. law firm Meyer & Glitzenstein, a firm the former Fund for Animals had in the past engaed to persue legal battles against sportsman. Four more legal jihadists (litigation attorneys) are expected to be on staff by the end of the year.

Millions of tax Dollars to be wasted
Believing that animals have the same God given rights as Human Beings these home grown legalistic terrorists are planning to use their legal degrees as weapons of mass destruction in an assault on the State and Federal treasuries. Millions of dollars that could be better spent on reducing the National Debt, Public Education, building new bridges and roads are now going to have to be diverted to the courtroom.

What Sportsmen Have done
At the begining of the last century much of this countries wildlife was truely nearing extinction from not only unregulated hunting, but more importantly residential and commercial developement, and it was the sportsmen of this country, not the tree-hugging extremests, that did something about it. In the 1930's sportsmen approached Senator Key Pittman (Nv) and Representitive A. Willis Robertson (Va) with a solution. That solution was sponsored by these two legislators in their respective houses where it was passed and then signed into law by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1937. Know as the Pittman-Robertson Act this law, propsed by sportsmen imposed an 11 percent excise tax on rifles shotgus and ammunition. It was later amended to include archery equipment and handguns. Funds collected under the Pittman-Robertson Act yearly total in the millions of dollars that are not only used to create and rehabilitate wildlife habitat, but also to fund Firearms Safety and Hunter Education Programs. The results of these efforts by sportsmen have been so overwhelming that many species of wildlife are experiencing an catstrophic epidemic of over population.

Lessons Learned
The question, "What if this legal assault by courtroom commandos does in fact succeed and a number of judges enact new law from the bench?", has already been answered. During the 1920's the Federal Government removed all predators, including hunters and an indiginous Native American Indian population from the Kaibab Plateau in the Grand Canyon Rim area in Arizona. Without the four legged and two legged type predators, the deer population quickly exceded the maximum capacity of the habitat on the plateau. All vegetation, including the bark from the trees that was within reach of the deer was stripped clean. From that point with nothing to eat the deer herd suffered a decline in their immune systems that resulted in massive die off from horrible disease and starvation.

Wildlife Management
It is obvious that with all of their college educations collectively the great minds of the Humane Society have absolutely no concept of the balance in nature. In order to grasp the concept of wildlife management the following words must be defined;

Habitat - the elements necessary for a species to survive, air, water, shelter, space and companionship.

Carrying Capacity - The number of animals that can survive in a given area without damage to the habitat or the population of the species.

As there is only so many people that can comfortably live in a house, there is only so much wildlife that can survive in a given area. If that population becomes to large for that area food sources soon become non-existant. When that happens not only does it effect the deer population it also decimates the populations of all other wildlife sharing that habitat. This is why hunting is such an integral part of wildlife management and the survival of the species. In an overpopulated area a certain number of animals must be culled in the fall to ensure the health and well-being of the herds through the winter. It must be understood an area will only support so many animals, anything over that number will not survive the winter. Rather than see these majestic creatures suffer the more violent deaths of disease and starvation it is much better to humanely harvest them for table fare.

Hunting, whether it is done by man or four legged predators, is a vital and necessary part of the balance in nature. If the APLF is allowed to succeed it will have a proven devastating effect not only on the populations of the animals hunted but also all of those that share the same habitat. The proof of that has already been written in the history of the Kaibab Plateau on the Grand Canyon Rim in Arizona. Contrary to popular belief among the tree-hugging community regulated hunting will never result in the extinction of of any species. Regulated hunting would be halted long before a species became endangered. Should the population of a species experience a natural decline hunting in that case would also no longer be allowed.

The Humane Society has been responsible for many good deeds in the past, but the devastation they are seeking to visit upon the wildlife in this country at the expense of the American taxpayer demonstrates a deplorable lack of common sense and from a scientific point of view an act of terrorism.

This story has been covered else where on the net, but since I saw it first at triggerfinger he gets the link.


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