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Friday, December 10, 2004

The Meaning of Is by my friend Bob Barr

When William Jefferson Clinton was first elected to the Presidency I believed that he was just another inept Southern Democrat Governor that had bumbled his way into the White House on a left-wing platform of lofty ideals. He would get his four years of fame and then drift into the pages of obscurity. As his Presidency progressed I soon realized that he was not the bumbling idealist that former President Jimmy Carter turned out to be. Bill Clinton aided and abetted by his wife were and still are political powers to be reckoned with. As Bob Barr writes in his book Bill Clinton either does not have a conscience or has compromised it so many times he is unaffected by the decisions he has to make. (ed.. I think the same can be said of Hillary)

Having just completed reading the book “The Meaning of Is The Squandered Impeachment And Wasted Legacy Of William Jefferson Clinton", I was appalled at what I did not know about the administration and the impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton. I have always been a conscientious voter that prided myself in my knowledge of current events. I have always known that the mainstream media was bias, at the time I had not yet come to realize just how partisan and liberal it was, and still is in regards to reporting the real truth. Bob Barr was there and his book records the truth about the Presidency of Bill Clinton as it actually occurred, not the way it has been revised countless times in the mainstream media and other books written by the "Friends of Bill".

The Presidency of William Clinton is a black mark on this country that accurate history will have a long time forgetting. The casual disregard for the security of this nation by Bill and Hillary Clinton is reflected in the nefarious individuals they allowed, by invitation and against the better judgment of the United States Secret Service, to roam the hallowed halls of the peoples house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. During his eight years in office there is not a single group of his political supporters that Bill Clinton did not turn his back on. That most of them to this day still support him is impossible to understand. Insulated by and with the help of a hand picked cadre of politically appointed loyal cronies the Clintons plotted and executed the destruction of Billy Dale, Linda Tripp, Kathleen Wiley and many others. During their eight year tenure inside the Capital Beltway the Clintons demonstrated that they have a callous disregard for anything but their own continued success and advancement of power.

Bob Barr, at the time a freshman Representative from Georgia, eventually became the single most driving force in the impeachment of President Clinton. Based on his own personal ethics and prior government experience, as a servant of the people Bob understood firsthand the criminal actions of the Clinton Presidency. So much so that he and his staff logged countless hours of investigation and research even before laying the case out before House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Barr's evidence was so convincingly overwhelming that Gingrich gave him the go ahead to introduce a resolution of impeachment in the full house.

Due to the hard work put forth by Congressman Barr and many others, the House of Representatives justifiably impeached a sitting President - William Jefferson Clinton. Truthfully at the time I had a gut feeling that the Senate would not convict a sitting President and I knew it would be for reasons that would have nothing to do with the Presidents guilt or innocence. I didn't find out how right I was until I read this book. I also knew that some of the Presidents actions directly effected national security. Before reading this book I had not realized the depth of these actions and the extreme danger in which this country was placed.

Pursuing the impeachment of President Clinton was a heartfelt and necessary endeavor for Barr. One that had a tremendous strain and affect on both him and his family. The reading of his factual documentation is sometimes over whelming as he lays it all out from the beginning, sparing none of the details, to the bitter end. Some of these admissions I am sure were painful for Bob to put on paper, and he is equally critical of himself concerning the way some of the events were handled.

Bob also readily admits that he knew there would be consequences for his actions. Despite best efforts by the Clinton's dirty tricks team, which were aided and abetted by the mainstream media and Porn Magnate Larry Flint (Hustler Magazine), Bob Barr stayed the course that was dictated by his own moral compass.

My wife and I have the pleasure of knowing and spending time with Bob Barr. I anticipate there will in be more time in the future as well. Bob Barr is a genuine reflection of the stalwart character that is seldom seen in an American Statesmen these days. There are few that can be called to that category and the only other one that comes immediately to mind is former President Ronald Reagan.

“The Meaning of Is” is a brutally honest chronicle of a dreadful time in American history written truthfully by someone that was a part of and shaped the outcome of that history. This book should be required reading in every college level Government Class and for anyone that does not fully comprehend the devastation that the Clintons have and are still doing to this great nation.

Personal note from a friend;

Thank You Bob for your service to this great nation and thank you for the truthful narration on the genuine legacy of a disastrous and shameful Presidency.


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