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Sunday, December 05, 2004

This guy will be lucky if he doesn't end up in Jail

Round One
87 year old Leonard Gamage not only physically held his own in a 45 minute ordeal against a 20 year old intruder he came up on the winning end of the altercation. Gamage a self-admitted "old soldier" tossed the punk out of his house before retrieving one of the rifles he kept in a gun rack.

Round Two
The miscreant youth was not to be detered by the gun and attempted to re-enter the Gamage domicile. Even a butt stroke and a couple of warning shots from Gamages long arm was not enough to set the youngster on his way. Gamage was ultimately forced to shoot the youthful offender in the foot.

Round Three
The local sheriff arrived and there was high-fives all around for the sprite old codger. The Sheriff however was duty bound to take custody of the Gamage guns as Leonard did not have the appropriate permission slip to posess them. He assured the octagenarian that should he get the requesit paperwork he would help him get the family keepsakes back.

The Knockout Punch from the Blind side
Although Illinois legislature, after overriding a Governors veto, just enacted a new law that prohibits prosecution for firearms posession contrary to any LOCAL gun ban ordinances, Gamage could still run afoul of the states Firearms owners Indentification (FOID). At Governor Blagojevich's direction the State Patrol has been actively hunting down otherwise law abiding citizens who have made the agregious error of failing to renew their FOID cards. When the Patrol's computer search happens upon these luckless soles they pay them a visit. After ascertaining that the now illegal firearms are still domiciled at the residence they are confiscated and in some cases the owners are arrested for posession of illegal contraband.

Let's hope that neither the Governor nor any of his staff hear about this one or Mr Gamage may find himself spending the rest of his days in the Greybar Retirement Community for wayward old soldiers.

The Ten Count
Consider what this has to do with the license scheme that is illegally in place in Omaha Nebraska. Further consider what would happen to Mr. Gamage had he the equal misfortune to live in that fair city.

Many thanks to David Limbaugh for the heads up on this one.

Oh that I can be that fiesty at that age.


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