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Thursday, December 30, 2004

I'm still here

Thank you everyone for sticking around, it has been a great week. Warning Old wornout Cliche dead ahead; If I had known grand kids were so much fun we would have had them first.

We have five point five grandchildren, the oldest is a girl who turned 6 in December, two other grand daughters that turned 5 and 4 in December, two grandsons that will be 1 in February, the other will be 3 in March. The point five is scheduled to join the family sometime in August at last report.

Watching kids, especially grend kids tear into Christmas wrapping is definately a spectator sport worth watching.

This past year, as I do every year I read several books. I would like to take this time to recommend a few of them as well worth reading.

Unfit for Command - John O'Neill & Jerome Corsi
Probably only a select few recluses living in high mountain caves have not heard of this one. Yes the election is over and the book is about John Kerry, but this does not detract from the book one iota. If you haven't read it you should.

The Meaning of Is - Bob Barr
I profiled this book a few entries ago and highly recommend this for anyone that wants to more fully understand the Clinton Administration and what this Country may be in store for should Mrs. Clinton succeed in attaining at least a four year lease on the White House.

Treason - Ann Coulter
A definative history of liberal politics from the end of the second World War. Coulter lays it all out in one book that may or may not change your minds about the liberal left, but after reading it you will certainly know the truth.

How to Talk to a Liberal if you Must - Ann Coulter
This is essentially a compilation of Coulters weekly columns over the last several years. Written in a hard bitten witty style Coulter's remarks and analogies are impressive whether you agree with her opinions or not.

These are some of the more prominate and/or controversial books I have read this year and again I highly recommend them.

We will be out of town for the New year. I am leaving the laptop at home this time, so this will probably be the only entry before Monday, but I did want to take a few minutes to thank you all for hanging in there with me and let you know that I am still around.

Please enjoy your New year celebrations, drink responsibly, have a designated driver and if some one asks for your keys because they think your too impaired to drive; Don't be a butthead, they have your best interest and safety at heart, give them the keys.

Happy New year everyone may health and prosperity be yours in 2005.


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