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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Tom Ridge is History

I'm glad, good riddance to a another RINO. Although I doubt much will change, in my opinion we are best off without him. Ridge took his job seriously, but I don't think he took my security seriously.

I get so tired of the how Homeland Defense "How to prepare for another attack/disaster instructions" that are ever present on the AM radio.

While it is a good idea to have some type of kit prepared for emergencies some of the suggestions bordered on the ridiclous. During his tenure as Director of Homeland Security Ridge and his lackies told us to reach far back into our cupboards and find that old Gilligans Island lunch box. After dusting the old tin pail off we need to fill it up with a cell phone, a few band-aids, a bottle of water and a couple of granola bars in case we have to remain in our homes for a few days.

Now that we have our politically correct kit prepared what are we suppose to do? Well I guess, according to to the Homeland Security Department we are suppose to cower in our homes until some real or imagined terrorists come by to kill us and eat our lunch. Novel idea aye? Let them do us in and then feed them for doing it. Oh and the reason we need to hide in the closets? Simple it makes identification of the deacesed easier if they are found in their own homes.

Not one time have I heard from anyone in the Government suggest that maybe we need to be prepared to defend ourselves. No all we are supposed to do is prepare a meal to be eaten by our killers and wait calmly under the bed for our untimely demise. Or since the roving bands of whoever may not eat it all there will be some beef jerky and oatmeal cookies left for the clean up crews that find our remains.

I support a lot of what this administration is doing, but I think many of the officials are disingenuous about what we actually should be doing to prepare for another attack on American soil.


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