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Monday, December 20, 2004

Representitive Osborne shafts his hard working middle class constituency

Former Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach, now U.S. Representitive (R-Ne) is gouging the majority of his constituency in the back. There is no other way to understand recent comments by the recently re-elected Osborne.

In a convoluted Associated Press report Osborne suggests that Nebraska Ranchers and Farmers do not need to participate in funded conservation programs and encourages them to turn their backs on their fellow citizens.

U.S. Rep. Tom Osborne says farmers can do more to maximize the use of depleted irrigation reservoirs than just enrolling acres in federally funded conservation programs.

The Conservation Reserve Program, which reduces soil erosion, protects the Nation's ability to produce food and fiber, reduces sedimentation in streams and lakes, improves water quality, establishes wildlife habitat, and enhances forest and wetland resources, allows land owners to enroll a portion of their property.

When property is enrolled in the CRP it is by regulation under the control of the government for the purposes of hunting. In other words hunters do not need the permission of the land owner to use that section of property. It is being rented by the tax payers for the purposes expressed in the previous paragraph and under those circumstances the tax payers have a right to utilize said section of property. As an anology, if you rent a house of apartment you have the right to use it as the leasee.

What Representitive Osborne is proposing is landowners develop their own conservation plan for the land and then charge people out the bank account for using it.

"He pointed out that some landowners in South Dakota are commanding hunting fees of $150 per gun per day. Multiply that by 15 to 20 days and four or five hunters a day, "and that's a pretty good source of revenue."

Yes it is a good source or revenue Coach, great policy you have there; lock it up and jack up a user fee that the average person you represent can not even begin to afford and to hell with the middle-class citizens in your district that voted for and trusted you to represent them. Maybe Representitive Osborne and his elite cadre of friends can afford to pay that kind of money, but how many of his constituents can? There are not many people living in Nebraska that can afford $150 a day to hunt. For many of the citizens in Osborne's district, with families to support, $150 represents the best part of one weeks pay after taxes. What Osborne is suggesting is that area landowners create their own hunting preserves that will only be affordable to those that can afford it; Out of town or state Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians.

That Osborne would take this tact is despicable and a dilliberate snub of the majority of people that elected him to office. Osborne ought to ashamed of himself for evening suggesting something like this.

The CRP program has been a cost effective way to control erosion and provide habitat for the perpetuation of the wildlife species that inhabit these areas. It also provides an affordable form of recreation for the average citizen to escape the rigors of life for a few hours of relaxation.

Osborne proposal seeks to further restrict the ability of the average person to enjoy the great outdoors. From that Osborne should be ashamed and condemned for his elitest attitude. The question is who does Representitive Osborne really represent? His elite out of town or out of state friends or the people of his district?

This type of proposal is a direct contridiction to what Senator Ben Nelson (D-Ne)is promalgating in this previous entry. This should be remembered if Coach Osborne decides he wants to be Governor in a few years.


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