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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Mr Johanns goes to Washington

Todays announcement that President Bush has nominated Nebraska Governor to be Secretary of Agriculture has put the limelight on the Cornhusker State. Public opinion around the state late this afternoon has been favorable from all quarters. The most interesting aspect of this whole thing is the upevil the appointment is causing within the state political parties.

If Johanns is confirmed, current Lt. Governor Dave Heineman will become the next governor. Heineman has stated that he is philisophically in agreement with Johanns and that Nebraskans should not expect much in the way of change. He gas even alluded to keeping most if not all personel in the key positions they now hold.

While this is encouraging to firearms owners in general it remains to be seen if Heineman will make the same pledge that outgoing Governor Johanns has made; "Put a statewide concealed carry bill on my desk and I will sign it."

This is an ongoing interest to a lot of Nebraskans and a question that needs to be asked of our apparent new Governor.

There is much more fallout concerning this appointment. Johanns was expected to run a senatorial campaign against Democrat Ben Nelson in 2006. If Johanns is confirmed (ed.. there is no reason to doubt that he won't) the republicans are scrambling for a suitable candidate to run against Nelson. Former Nebraska Huskers football Coach, and now Representive Tom Osbourne has expressed a desire to reside in the Governors mansion. Both Heineman, who has always made it clear that he wanted to be governor, and Attorney General Jon Bruning have both stated that they would not seek the governorship if Osbourne chose to run.

There are many more topics of fallout making the rounds of Nebraska in these first hours after the announcemant and only time will tell how it all shakes out.


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