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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Free Jewelry and a cell phone for Sex Offenders

Electronic monitoring Proposed
I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this proposal. Senator Chris Beutler of Lincoln is proposing that the states Registered Level 3 Sex Offenders be outfitted with an ankle bracelet and a belt pager while on probation and/or parole. The ACLU brands this as an unnecessary infringement on personal rights.
I believe that sex offenders are a predatory lot and I am glad there is a registry where the citizenry can identify them and where they live. As a herd of sheep needs to be aware of the wolf in their flock, human beings need to be aware of the vile that seeks to prey on our offspring as well.

I also know that professional studies have proven that Sexual Predation is one class of crime that some consider incurable and the recidivism rate amoung convicted sex offenders is exceptionally high as compared to other crimes. The plain truth is generally "They did it one, they'll do it again". In this regard I have no problem with Beutler's proposal.

What about after the monitor comes off?
My concern comes after the probation and or parole has been terminated. I'm sure this program will work exceedingly well for the duration of the time the offenders are required to be electrically monitored. Although there must be one out there, I have yet to see a study done on the recidivism rate for sex offenders while they are on parole. How hard is it for offenders to wait until they are no longer monitored before re-offending? In a lot of cases this does not appear to be too difficult as it is sometimes years between offenses.

On the surface I support the Beutler proposal, mine concern is after they are off the leash so to speak, what then? Other than a phone call to the High Sheriff or a look up on the internet no one has any idea that these animals are amoung us or where.

Most of us Just don't seem to care
The sad truth is that most of us are so apathetic that we have no idea how many registered sex offenders live in our own neighborhoods, or at least in the same postal zip code area. All states now have a registry and for most states it is available on-line. The Nebraska State Patrol web site contains the Sex offenders registry for the entire state and can be found here. Have any of you ever checked it to see who is lurking in your nieghborhood? Prepare to be suprised.

And some of us just don't get it
And a final note to Tim Butz, executive director of Nebraska's ACLU. What part of "the horribly traumatised and in many cases physically scarred victims that are often children" do you not understand? The low life scum that perpatrates this kind of terrible travisty on children, and other defenseless people deserve to be branded or made public in some manner. Most of them are a very high risk to offend again and again and maybe it will be your daughter or grandson next time. Think about that. Preserving human rights for those that deserve it is one thing, but there is nothing human about what these vile creatures inflict on the weak and defenseless. To object to measures designed to safeguard our children and society as a whole is tantamount to aiding, abetting and condoning the next attack on a child or helpless adult.

When a segment of our population by their own conduct has demonstrated that they are a continuing danger to the community, they forfit the rights and priviledges associated with membership in that society

6:30pm Update: Thinking on the comments I made about not having seen a recidivism study. (ed... probably because I have never really looked for one) I did some checking and found this link to a Bureau of Justice Satatistics study from 1994 to 2K3. It is an informative and enlightening read.


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