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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Grow up and fend for yourself

A city of cowards and sheep
There has been two stories coming out of Omaha that just have me seething. While I sympathize with the victims of these incidents, I can't help but wonder where the hell they left their backbone.
The modern essence of mahood
In one instance a 44 year old man with one leg, broke into the home of an 83 year old woman and raped her while her 47 year old son cowered in his bedroom and, If I read this correctly the perpatrator is also the subject of this news release.

Her 47-year-old son told officers he had opened his bedroom door to find a man with a knife. The man threatened to get a shotgun from his car and kill him if the son didn't stay in his bedroom, according to police reports. The man also took the son's wallet.

What would that mans father have said to this Mothers son?
The man was after his mother and this guy gives the rapist his wallet and hides. What has this society succumed to when a full grown man will not even take up for his elderly Mom who is about to receive the most horrofic treatment any woman can endure and live through. I can hear the liberal cries as I pen this; "The man had a knife what was he suppose to do?" (Well how about getting a gun and shooting the bastard down like the marauding predator he is?) Or the old standby; "If he/they fought back they might get hurt." (Well gee, one of them did get physically hurt and mentally scarred in the worst way for the few years of life she has left, while the other one ....)

I don't know about anyone else but I just can not fathom the thought of hiding under my bed cringing like a pantywaist panzy and allowing my mother to be raped. This is the classic example of what passes for the "bastion of manhood" in a socialist society. There is so much more that I want to vent about this incident and her cajones' deprived offspring, but it would be redundant.

911= Government sponsored dial-a-prayer
In the second instance a woman that left her garage door open was scared witless when someone began knocking on the inner door. She is distraught over the fact that it took police officers 45 minutes to answer her 911 call.

Ok let me repeat this just in case you didn't get it the first untold times you have heard it. The police are under no legal obligation to respond for your individual pleas for help. There are dozens of court cases that have ruled in that manner. Get over it. Suck it up and take some resposibility for yourself.

I am not knocking individual officers in the least. As I have said before I do not know a single police officer that would not respond to a citizens call for help. In order to respond they have to be dispatched first and this call was prioritized to be dispatched after shift-change.

Omaha police spokesperson Sgt. Teresa Negron said the call came in as a suspicious party who may have left. That's not considered a life threatening situation and was put on hold until after shift change. If classified as a crime in progress, it would have received a higher priority.

In other words it was a management decision on whether or not this lady required a response.

An emergency communications director said the 911 operator did a good job after learning no cruisers would be immediately available, keeping Nicole on the line until she told him she could no longer hear the knocks or see any feet from under her door.

Ok someone explain this to me. The operator kept her on the line until the operator (who was not there) felt the emergency had passed. What if it had not passed? At what point would the operator (safe and sound in the call center) have upgraded the serverity of the call? Would the sounds of splintering door frame over the phone line helped? Or the screams of the woman and her child being assaulted changed the ranking of the call? Fear not though the entire event, until the thug ripped the phone from the wall, will be forever enshrined on a tape that might be used at trial, assuming said thug was apprehended.

In reality it doesn't matter what did or did not happen. The plain truth is that the police can not be every where all of the time. In any event they would never arrived in time to assist this young lady and her child. At that moment in time she and only she was responsible for the safety and security of herself and her baby.

Nicole only saw the shadowy feet of a stranger banging on her door, who left without hurting anyone. "It's a what-if situation and it shouldn't be that way. I mean if I didn't sound serious enough on the 911 call, then I'll remember that the next time."

So the next time she will exagerate the circumstances in order to gain the response she feels she is intitled to? It doesn't end there however, one of the local city fathers felt a need to strut and posture about the necessity for more police on the streets to ensure shorter response times.

Councilman Marc Kraft listened to a recording of the 911 call. "It's an example of the need for more police officers, the need for timely response."

Marc it is not an example of a need for more cops, it is the example of a need for people to stop expecting the government to wipe their noses everytime they get the sniffles. It is an example the need to get some backbone and stand up on your own to hindlegs.

"At this time we do not have any officers available in the area, but we'll note you called back," said the operator. "What in the hell are my tax dollars doing?" asked boyfriend Rob Olson.

Rob, Your tax dollars were doing what they were suppose to be doing, paying police officers to patrol the public streets responding to incidents and crime that effects society as a whole. You know like automobile accidents and gang activity. Here is some advice that is worth exactly what your paying for it, buy her a dog, buy her some pepper spray buy her a ..... oh well never mind the gun.. you live in Omaha.

The idea of having a police department has never been to maintain a publically funded array of armed servants who's sole mission it to lay in wait for a call to assist a private person on private property in a personal matter. If someone is on your property or in your house, by all means notify the police, but understand that they can not respond fast enough in most cases to be of any assistance. If nothing comes of the event prior to their arrival all well and good, no harm no foul. If things turn bad however and they still have not arrived you will have to deal with it yourself. Get used to it. Learn to deal with it. Suck it up and get a backbone.


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