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Friday, November 19, 2004

Straight up & hold the sugar coating

I haven't blog on the "War against Terrorism" even though it can and does effect Nebraska. There is just so much being reported in the MSM and on the blogs everyday that I haven't felt a need to add to all of that.

As a disabled Veteran of the United States Air Force I too follow what is going on, and I probably do so with a rather prejudice eye. I support our President and what he is doing. I support our troops and what they are being tasked to do.

Peace is good. I like peace. But in order for there to be peace ALL sides must want it and agree to some commonalities. What some people just will not understand is that certain factions in this war do not want peace, they never have and they never will. They have sworn death to all Americans and no amount of pantywaisted "I feel your pian" negotiations will talk them out of it.

Another thing to understand is that in their eyes we are all infidels. What this means is that any promise of peace they make is not worth the handshake or the paper it is written on. Their religion tells them that there is no heavenly consequence for any deals made with non believers of their faith. Even if you do get a peace arrangement with them there is nothing in their faith or belief that makes them honor bound to abide by it. That is why with all of the past efforts there has not been any kind of lasting peace between Palestine and Isreal. The only thing they understand is superior power and they will fight that to the last breath as well. Unlike you these extremists are not afraid to die. While you are cowering under your bed like a frightened child these people are out looking to be martyred. This is what they want, this is what they believe folks. They are willing to die for their beliefs, are you?

I realize that is hard for some people to understand, but it is the truth. If you are attacked by a wild-eyed frothing at the mouth dog there is no time for "Nice doggie, roll over doggie, here's a bicuit doggie, play nice doggie". You either shoot that damn dog until in it's tracks or you die. Those are your choices KILL OR BE KILLED. You can NOT negotiate with these people, any more than you can talk to that dog, for two reasons; 1) They see it as a sign of cowardace and will kill you for that reason alone, 2) They do not want to be negotiated with, they have their mission and will see it to it's bloddy end. An end that includes making you a corpse. You either shoot those damned terrorists until they stop their tracks or you die.

Then you do like that Marine did and shoot them agin. That is why they are called "security rounds". It IS NOT that the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist, it is because if they have the strength left to pull the pin on a grenade they will pull it as a final act of Martyrdom. Our troops know that, because they learned it the hard way. By watching members of their unit die in that manner. It is too bad that so many of the embedded "journalists" have not been able to grasp that concept.

You have a choice to make, support that war as it is taking place over there, or we bring all our troops back and have the Jihadists follow them home. I hope you can see the consequences of the latter.

Certain groups of people on this earth have decreed that the streets will run red with blood. George Bush has decreed that if the streets must run red with blood it will be their streets and their blood. The United States of America has no choice, a war has been declared on us, we either win that war or we cease to exist as the nation we are.

I really don't anticipate addressing the War very often, I said what I have to say and stand by it. If you want straight talk and regular updates on what this war is really about add Froggy Ruminations to your daily reading. He is point on and there is no sugar coating what he says.


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