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Thursday, November 25, 2004


As we make the preparations for our meal of thanks, I have been in reflection for all I am thankfull for. As I dwell on these thoughts they come to me in two catagories. First are the things that have been continuous and are constantly on going in my life. Secondly are individual events and occassions of this past year. The latter are recent and therefore fresh in my memory. Beyond that attending gatherings with long not seen family and friends has a sentimental impact that is not soon forgotten.

First and foremost I am thankfull for a kind and mercifull God. Many times I feel so undeserving and humbled at all the blessings the Creator has bestowed on me in the almost fifty years of knowing him. With out him none of the things I am thankfull for today would have been possible.

Beyond words I am thankfull for the almost twenty nine years of companionship granted me by a kind and loving wife. May God allow me at least another twenty nine years with this wonderfull woman. For the largest part of our life she was by choice a stay at home mom. Now that the children are grown I am thankfull that she has the energy, and fotitude to now persue a long delayed college education.

I am thankfull for three intellegent children making their own way in life. I give thanks for the respect and manner with which they conduct and express themselves. I am thankfull that they still ask their Mom and I for advice and opinion. Because my career required exclusive travel, that they have turned out so well is much more a credit to their Mother than me.

I am thankfull for five (so far) lovely, wonderfull and healthy grandchildren. Three girls and two boys.

I am thankfull that I had the opportunity to have served my country. My own service has imbedded within me a deep and abiding respect for those that choose the military or public service as a career. I am thankfull that there are Americans that voluntarily put their lives on line for the safety and security of of our great nation. I am thankfull that I had the blessing to be self employed in more than one career field. I am thankfull that I was able to retire in my mid forties, with the ambition to now do many of the things we dreamed about during the child rearing years.

This past year has given me many things to be thankfull for as well. This past spring we attended the high school graduation of a nephew in the southwest. Combining this with a vacation I am thankfull for the long overdue re-aquaintances with friends, family and the many new aquaintances we made. At the conclusion of that trip I am thankfull that we got to see a Colorado Rockies home game. A game in which the Rockies trounced San Fransisco.

I am thankfull for the opportunity I had to attend a conference with people I have met before and or have exchanged thoughts and ideas with. Among those attending were Congressmen Bob Barr, Massad Ayoob and authors Jeff Snyder, David Kopel, and Alan Korwin. I am thankfull for the positive influence these people have had not only on this country but me as an individual.

I am thankfull for visiting my wifes family in Philadelphia. At ninety three her grandmother is still a sharp, active and intellegent woman. I am thankfull for being able to attend my own grandmothers ninetieth birthday. Another sharp, active and intellegent woman that is still capable of driving her own car. I am thankfull for the opporunity to spend time with cousins and other family I have not seen in much too long.

There are so many more things I have to be thankfull for, these are just the ones that seem to be foremost in my mind today.


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