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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Reach across the aisle?

Now that the election is over the loser are putting forth the usual "The winners need to reach across the aisle to us". They just don't get it. The citizens of this country voted and in a majority made it clear what they want and expect from the public servants that they elected. What is across the aisle to reach for? Failed social welfare programs? Higher taxes? Loss of personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution?

Why should the American worker support programs paid for with tax dollars that encourage people to not work and breed more like them. Absolutely some people ocassionally need assistance and I don't have a problem with that, but when there are several generations of the same family, Moms, daughters and grand daughters, that grow up and get themselves on the public dole there is a problem. People are tired of seeing their money taken from them and given to others that won't work.
All of those social programs require money. That money comes from the American taxpayer and they are getting tired of busting their buns only to have money taken from their paychecks to pay someone elses rent and buy their groceries because they are to lazy to work or get the training to get a job.

The tax system as it stands is not fair. A person that makes twenty thousand dollars a year may pay only a ten percent rate of income tax. Conversely a person that makes a hundred thousand a year may pay a rate as much as fifty percent in income tax. One person make 20 grand and gets to keep 90% of their income, while a person that makes 100 grand is lucky to be able to keep half of it. How is that fair? It is not and it never will be.

The current system should be completely scrapped for a flat tax program. If every one paid the same rate then it would be fair, and the people that make more would still be paying more. At 10% the 20 grand income would owe 2000 dollars, and the 100 grand income would owe 10 thousand dollars. How is that not fair?

Another thing that Americans understand is the personal freedom to keep and bear arms. This right is not granted by the constitution, nor should it be legislated from the bench. It is a right given by our creator and affirmed by the Constitution. Listen up IT IS AN IDIVIDUAL RIGHT and it is non-negotiable. Just like freedom of speech and the others that are numbered in the Bill of Rights.

We have seen what is on the other side of the aisle and there is nothing there worth reaching across for. NOTHING. The American worker is tired of being used and they have made that plain on Noveber 2nd. Get used to it and Get over it.


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