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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Women and self-defense continued

In past postings I have been taken to task on my thoughts concerning women and self defense. A few have said they do not feel they need to employ some of the methods I recommend. I completely understand that. To defend ones self from violence is a personal choice that each one of us, man or woman, needs to make for ourselves.

I realize that I am a male of the species and therefore possibly not as vulnerable to some types of assault as women are. My advocations have always been for women to learn what ever means of defense they are comfortable implimenting. And learn it well. The firearm is absolutely not for everyone and I would not recommend one to anyone that doesn't feel comfortable with the concept. Many people put their complete trust in pepper spray not realizing how ineffective it is on some people. Others put their hopes for safety in a cell phone. Why these people think that they will be able to call 911, talk to an operator and have the police arrive before they are assaulted, raped or robbed is beyond me. The cell phone is a good tool in that, if it is not taken from you, it can be used to report the attack AFTER it has happened.

Recently I became aware of a blog TFS Magnum authored by Zendo Deb. This gal is from Florida and has her head scewed on most properly when it comes to issues concerning women and self defense. I have added her to my daily reading and hope you do as well.

Two of her most recent posts include Women Fight Back and Self-defense.

Anti-gun advocates in America constantly bombard us with tales of how successful gun bans and control have been in Great Britain. Deb is on top of this too. As she points out in several of her posts crime has become so rampant since the Brits have been denied the right to self-defense that a large portion of the public and several goverment officials are petitioning to have the bans and controls recinded. Gun control is a failed institution and there are mountains of evidence that supports that.

If you don't want to believe me let Deb tell you about it.


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