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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Rock around the Glock

No this is not about a new dance craze or fad music style. Well I take a little bit of that back, the sound of a firearms on the firing line is it's own form of music. It sounds like American Freedom.

If you have been waiting for or wondering when a Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (GSSF) type competition would come to Eastern Nebraska, wait or wonder no more. A local shooter and certified Glock Mechanic is putting the finishing touches on a series of shooting matches based on the GSSF format.

All dates are tentative at this point as they are still being co-ordinated with the Izaak Walton League in Bennet, Nebraska. Chris is still working to build a web site, Rock Your Glock, that will have all of the pertinent information as it develops.

Don't own one of Gaston Glock's creations? Fret not, you are still more than welcome to compete. Bookmark Chris's site, there is a lot of information already up there and stay tuned here for updates.

Rock on Chris, here's to a successfull first year and thank you for bringing this about.

11/18/2K4 UpDate: I recieved an e-mail from Chris and he asked that I clarify that these matches are not sanctioned by Glock. I had known that in talking to him and used the word TYPE COMPITITION. I can see however that I should have been clearer. Glock was contacted and declined the invitation as they have no interest in Nebraska at this time. (ed.... I wonder if this has to do with the lack of CCW in Husker Land?) Addittionally if anyone wants to e-mail Chris (address is on his website) about their interest it will give him a heads up on how many can be expected to participate. (Chris consider this my e-mail for the whole (6 of us)family whom who know personally anyway.)


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