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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Are Law Enforcememnt agencies required to protect you?

We are told that we don't need to own firearms anymore for self protection, because we have the most modern well eqipped police forces in the world to do that for us. If Only that were true.

This commentary IS NOT a degradation of the fine men and women in blue that put their lives on the line everyday they report for work. I do not know a cop that would not "put it on the line" to help a citizen they know needs help.

This is a dissertation on the falacy used by the anti-gun crowd and certain elected or appointed public officials. We are told that we have no need for firearms because the police are there to protect us. But then when a fine upstanding taxpaying member of the community is ravage by lawless demons and files a lawsuit for failure to protect, the "powers that be" including the Chiefs of Police hide behind a Government inmunity clause.

Courts all over this country have held police departments harmless for failing and or refusing to protect individual citizens.

NEWSFLASH:Police agencies exsist ONLY to protect the public as a whole and NOT YOU as an individual.

I dare say that a large portion of police department budgets are approved because the Chief elaborates how those funds are needed to answer all of the calls and protect the citizens of the community.

Again I will state that I do not know a single cop on the street that wouldn't respond to someone that is in need. But they have to know of the need first. Unless they see it with their own eyes or it is adaquately relayed to them they can not know. I am not blaming them.

This dissertation addresses the two-faced, double speaking anti-gun agenda driven politicians and police chiefs that talk out of both sides of their mouths. "No you do not need, nor can you own a gun because I and my department are there to protect you. Oh and by the way I am under no obligation to protect you anyway, so don't even think about suing me if I don't."

Mayor Colleen Seng, Chief Tom Cassidy, Candidates Matt Connealy and Todd Paddock, Representitives Ernie Chambers and DiAnna Schimek are you reading this.

We know the truth


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