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Monday, January 10, 2005

Buying Coffee a good way to help flood victims

For a lot of years there has been speculation as to how much of the money we actually donate ends up in the hands of those that it was intended for. For that reason some do not donate at a level they would genuinely consider.

Allow me to make a suggestion

I got this from Zendo Deb who got it from The Truth Laid Bear. It isn't something your likely to hear in the Mainstream Media, because it makes too much sense.

Instead of or in addition too donating to a charitable organization the suggestion is to buy products produced in the region. This will result in money going directly to those effected. I have no idea what other products are produced in that region, but coffee (ed... and I do drink my share and at least someone elses too.) is a good place to start.

Take a look at Deb's blog and Laid Bear, if you need a pound or two of coffee consider something from the list. Even if you don't drink coffee, buy a pound for someone you know who does.

I know I will. If possible I will try to update this with a few places in the Lincoln area that sells Sumatran Coffee. If anyone does know comment on it.

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